My toes are cold.

And I’m wearing fuzzy striped toe socks.

Ok, all of me is cold! It’s 39 F outside. Brrr.

There are squirrels… and red leaves… and fresh, cold fall air. And sunlight dancing on the golden trees. And layering shirts, and wearing shoes and socks and my cloak…

We’ve been in the states for less than 24 hours… but I’m already enjoying myself. The flight over was pretty empty, so we all were able to stretch out across a row of seats and get good rest. I watched Moondance Alexander, Cheaper by the Dozen, Kit Kitteredge, A Knight’s Tale, and Ben Hur. I wasn’t impressed with any of them, though the Kit movie was a good movie for Candace to watch, and edited I would have LOVED a Knight’s Tale.

We got to Kevin and Kristen’s where we’re staying, and ate dinner and went to bed. This morning I read some of Lord of the Rings, looked at new oboe reeds, and finished a drawing. I was up at 5:45, early enough to see Kevin and Kristen go to school. Tomorrow we’re going to see the P’s… maybe swordfight and play Redwall like last time… that would be fun. 😀

I’m listening to my Csehy CDs now. Gramma sent them in a box to Kevin and Kristen’s. I love them. 🙂 Good memories.


3 thoughts on “My toes are cold.

  1. Autumn says:

    I was wearing fuzzy striped socks the other day too. Mom and Jon thought they were goofy looking. But I liked them. =) It’s been about 50 degrees here.
    How long was your flight? I love the book “Cheaper by the Dozen.” The movie is clever, but the book is way better. Kit Kittredge was pretty good too. Especially compared to all of the other American Girl Movies.
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself!


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