… has begun.

You blind people! How long will it take you to see the treachery budding in your hearts? Oh Creator save us! Your people are lost, so lost they do not even realize it. Turn away from your treacherous ways before you are struck down!
“Turn back before it is too late! Repent from your evil ways, search for the way home, out of this consuming darkness…” A thin, old man pushed through the crowd. He was dressed in a ragged tunic, and was barefoot. His scraggly beard looked like it had not been combed in a few days, and the top of his head was almost bald. One hazel eye showed, but the other was covered in a black eye patch. “Batyah, Bene YHWH! Oh, so few left today…”
At the mention of “Batyah,” the ancient tongue for “daughters of God,” Brianna turned to look at the man, who was named Bardan.
A quiet voice by her ear whispered to her, “Don’t pay any attention to him – he’s just a raving old man… claims to be prophesying, but no one can really make anything out.” She saw Mikhil out of the corner of her eye; he had paused to tell her this.
“No… I think he’s more than a raving old man. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye.”
Mikhil shrugged. “Think what you want… though the more you know him, the stranger he is.”
“I know who he is, I know how strange he is – he’s around almost every time we come to the market.”
“Behold!” Bardan shouted, stretching out his hand to the gate of the city. “A Miracle is coming! Break the chains of bondage! Free us from this dark oppression, Savior! How long? Save your people before utter destruction falls! Show us Your love, Oh God! Bring peace upon this broken world!”
Bardan saw Brianna and approached her, stopping a few feet away from her. His one eye locked with Brianna’s eyes, and he pointed at Brianna.
“You, Batyah… and ye, Bene YHWH! Fall not away from what you know! Trials will come, you will be tested and refined! Yet not all will come through unscathed. Stand firm!” He came closer to Brianna. “Batyah, daughter of the Holy One… live not in fear! Find beauty in the tears. One will fall away, and another will try and protect you – Turn not away!”

(short excerpt from the little bit I’ve written in preparation… I’ll start from scratch apart from my notes today…)



One thought on “Nanowrimo…

  1. Anna says:

    “Not a NaNoWriMo participant”! …That’s me. Maybe next year.

    Sounds good… is that Love Victorious, or something new, I wonder?

    Keep up the writing! Luv ya, girl!


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