Apple Cider and Bright Yellow Nail Polish.

I’ve really enjoyed being back in the states this time… I’ll put up a more detailed list of what we’ve been doing when we get home (3 days!) but until then…

Things I’ve Enjoyed Most –

– Getting my new oboe… it’s a YOB441, and it’s absolutely amazing – resonite upper joint, wooden lower joint and bell. All of the keys work really well, and it plays… well, it plays better than anything I’ve really played oboe on before.
– “Running wild,” with Megan and Chris in Maryland, out in their woods.
– Bright yellow nail polish we got at Icing. I’m wearing it right now… it really helps break some bad habits.
– Drinking apple cider. I love apple cider, but I was afraid it would upset my stomach like apple juice. Thankfully, it doesn’t.
– Walking around Williamsburg with my cloak and fuzzy orange hat on… and getting strange looks, but who cares.
– Seeing the old supreme court floor at the Capitol building.
– Having a sleepover with Alice – a walk in a lovely morning, Horatio Hornblower, and chocolate chip pancakes.
– Expedition Everest and meeting Minnie Mouse in Disney World.
– Playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline, cubing, and archery with Joseph
– Walking back from the bamboo forest with Kevin
– doing the “Hungarian Cinderella” with Zach, Joseph, Nate, Candace, and Cait.
– Getting some lovely new flats. I love wearing flats… I also got some nice new skirts.
– Writing for Nanowrimo! This has been the most fun year of that so far.

… and I’m sure there’s much, much more I’m forgetting… but I have some more detailed stuff coming up later, as I already said.

Nanowrimo word count: 18,139… not as fast moving as last year, but I’m over a day ahead of schedule. 🙂 I’ve had 2 cups of tea while writing – ginger tea, which is amazing.
And no procrastinating or getting distracted yet. Ha. Take that. In fact, I wrote 2,000 words in 45 minutes today. I think that’s a record for me.

Well, I’ll see you from the other side of the globe in a few days.
A jet-lagged, hitting the ground running into school, music, and Oasis Ky, but a happy to be home Ky nonetheless.

I am not looking forward to jumping ahead 10 hours. That is never, ever, ever fun. Ever.


4 thoughts on “Apple Cider and Bright Yellow Nail Polish.

  1. Jasmine S.L.W. says:

    Although I won’t be seeing you when you get back sadly, I look forward to chatting to you on line sometime, Ky! Hearing about all your adventures… :p

    I pray both you, and your family, have a safe and wonderful journey back!

    God bless!


  2. Autumn says:

    Everything sounds like so much fun.
    I always wanted yellow nail polish. Or blue. But mom always said it would look like something was wrong with my nails! And now, I never feel like spending money on nail polish. So I will never get to wear yellow.
    I could use some new flats too…for my Christmas concert.
    Jumping ahead 10 hours would be horrible.


  3. Anna says:

    Yay for apple cider! Yumm.
    (I bite my nails, too…)
    Have fun with Nano… Your determination inspires me, but not enough to make me do it. :b


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