Fall Trip – 3 – Texas

November 6 – Flew into Texas. Uncle Mike picked us up at the airport, and we drove to their house. We unpacked boxes that had arrived there… and then I wrote until the boys came home from school. Then Joseph and I played around with our Rubik’s Cubes for a while.

7 – we went shopping… again. Though this time it was just Aunt Donna, Cait, mommy, and I. We spent a LONG time in Target, and I got the dress shoes I needed and mom got a bunch of stuff. We also went to the thrift store, and I got 2 skirts. In the evening, Zach wanted Cait and I to watch the Bourne Identity with him, so we did… I found it interesting… not one I’d watch again.

8– Everyone was slow getting up… I think Joseph and I were up around 8, Cait and Zach weren’t up until 9, though. Joseph and I were cubing some, and then we decided to watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday while cubing. After that we went outside and Nate joined us… doing archery and jumping on the trampoline. We went to Chipotle, Zach and Joseph’s favorite restaurant for lunch, then Nate left to go get shoes with dad, and Joseph and I played basketball. We prepared to do the “Hungarian Cinderella,” skit, and performed it for Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike.

9 – after Church Joseph, Nate, and I hung out in the back yard doing archery, then after lunch we had to pack up and I called Sharon on Skype. We drove to Houston and saw the M’s (friends from MI) on the way there.

10 We went to NASA! That was soooo much fun – we got to fly the Shuttle simulator and go down into the control rooms – the one being used now and the old one that they filmed the movie Apollo 13 in. Then we drove to the airport and flew home!!! 😀
new Mission Control center

in the Flight director’s seat at the old Mission Control center

Part of the Saturn V rocket

Flying the shuttle simulator

Lunch with Zach and Joseph… it’s the only picture we have of them from this trip… >.< and a really awful picture of all of us.

It’s good to be home, but I really enjoyed our trip – the weather, the people, the things we did… but now I have a mile-long to-do list…
– school work
– hem jeans
– sew snaps on jean skirt
– take care of pictures
– Finish reading Lord of the Rings
– Start reading “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die.”
– get a secret project up and running
– punch holes in the hymnal so I can put it in my binders
– work on 3 drawings
– write more of my Nanowrimo
– write a blog post for another blog
– finish crocheting my washcloth
– sew my Bible cover
… you get the point…

Eventually things will slow down! 🙂

– Ky


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