I love doing tags…

Cait tagged me to post 7 random things about myself.
What 7 obscure yet random things can I think of?
1. My favorite foods are home-made whole-wheat spatzle, cucumbers, hummus, and grapefruits.
2. I can’t stand crowded places that are loud and have bright lights… or are super fast and in the dark. Or enclosed places that make me feel trapped. Yeah, I’m such a wanderer at heart… I don’t like cities, but could spend hours running around in the country, or even just hours lying in a field watching the clouds go by or star gazing. Wanderers rock. 🙂
3. I’m definitely not a soprano like my sister. Not exactly an alto, either. I’m one of those cool people who gets some really neat parts in the Messiah called a Contralto.
4. I’ve always had a little bit of trouble standing or sitting still. I tap my fingers or wiggle my toes around when I’m sitting, and when I’m standing I practice hardshoe drills or at least run through dances in my head.
5. The four earthly things I am most terrified of are – malaria, needles, ticks, and scorpions. Funny how I love beetles and nonpoisonous spiders, but then when it comes to bugs that could kill me or make me very sick I’m terrified. Needles… well, I guess instead of needles, it’s a phobia of anything going into my body that doesn’t belong there. Contacts fall under that category as well. As much as I dislike my glasses sometimes… I couldn’t stand contacts.
6. I have moved six times, lived in 3 different countries, and been to 20 countries and 28 states.
7. I love Minnie Mouse. I had (still have…) a Minnie Mouse toy that was stuffed and had a squeaker in the middle. I used to carry it around in my mouth before I could walk. I also have one from one of my grandma’s that’s bigger and plays Brahm’s lullaby if you pull the handle on the quilt she’s holding.

I tag…
… and I don’t have a 7th person on my blogroll who does tags… that I know of… the only one Cait already tagged.

Candace just called me to get her towel. She was in the shower and her towel was in the middle of the bathroom. Don’t ask.
Then she tips her head over and says “Any white?”
I had no idea she’d just put shampoo in and rinsed it, and was like, “No, you don’t have white hair.”
“N-” She started to say, and I thought she was going to say something about Nate, but then she said, “Any bubbles?”
And then I realized what she meant and said no.
I love my siblings. 🙂

And if anyone knows where to find/has sheet music for Tamlin or Jerusalem ridge… please send it to me… I can’t really find it anywhere.
Which really stinks.

I got my Nanowrimo up to speed. 30,517. Yay.


2 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. aidylewoh says:

    Yeah… I know this is over four years old, but you mentioned not liking ticks on here. I used to not mind them at all, but after being sick for almost six years with Lyme Disease, I can see where ‘not liking ticks’ would come into play. They really are horrible little creatures!


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