A mile-long to-do list.

… at least, that’s what it feels like.

– school work
– hem jeans
– sew snaps on jean skirt
– take care of pictures
– Finish reading Lord of the Rings
– Read “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die.”
– Finish reading “Rebel’s Keep”
– Start “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”
– fix the casing on a skirt
– send a recipe to the H’s

– get a secret project up and running
– punch holes in the hymnal so I can put it in my binders
– work on 3 2 drawings
– finish my Nanowrimo
– write a blog post for another blog
– finish crocheting my washcloth
– sew my Bible cover
– make pie crusts
– cut the apples for an apple pie
– do the handwashed dishes
– straighten my bookshelf
– straighten the house
– prepare for the school week
– organize my files on the computer and compress some old pictures
– study for 3 tests
– iron a skirt and do my ironing from Thursday that I didn’t do then
– read a G.A. Henty book
– get better from being sick.

… and most of that needs to be done… today. Though I’m still figuring out exactly how I’m sewing the snaps on the skirt, because it’s a wrap skirt so kind of difficult to work with.

And this post also explains why I haven’t posted at all yet this week!


2 thoughts on “A mile-long to-do list.

  1. Anna says:

    Oh, poor Ky. 😦
    I usually don’t put reading great books on my to-do list. Or drawing.

    Ooh, a secret project. Sounds interesting. But if it’s secret I guess I’ll never know.

    Well, don’t feel obligated to email me if you’re so wrapped up in working. Seriously. I usually don’t have anything important to say anyway. 🙂


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