I made it!

I finished my Nanowrimo this evening. The story itself is not done, but my wordcount is: 50,152 words.
I can verify it on Tuesday, and will then have officially won my 3rd Nanowrimo.

For my hard-earned break, I’m reading and helping mom in the kitchen tomorrow instead of writing! 🙂

Meanwhile, Fagan has just found joy again, Brianna has just fainted, it’s pouring rain, Enid, the children, and Tabitha’s family are on their way to Dlani, Mikhil is awaiting his death in a dungeon, Nigel and Adan are being executed, and Faolan is gleefully wondering how he was ever able to pull all of this off. Somehow, Fagan has to get to Dlani with Brianna and meet the rest of their family there, Faolan’s grip on the throne has to be overturned, and Nigel and Adan have to be miraculously resurrected.
And Mikhil… well, I’m probably going to let him sit there in the dungeon, unless he surprises me again (like he has at least 5 times so far) and changes the storyline. (I’m warning you, Mikhil! You had better not do it again!)
… and no offense to my friend Mikhal if I DO let Mikhil die. No, he’s not meant to be you. And like I said, he was a different character at first… but he surprised me.

… and Nate had his first Boy Scouts’ Court of Honor today. He’s now officially a Tenderfoot. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Jasmine S.L.W. says:

    I’m guessing your brother’s been using foot lotion then?

    I was quite obsessed with having soft feet just last year, and my feet became rather soft!

    Can’t understand why I never received the title, Tenderfoot, though. Life’s just not fair!


    Congratulations on finishing your Nanowrimo, Kyleigh!


  2. Anna says:

    Congrats on doing something I couldn’t! (You better let me read it!)
    No, don’t kill Mikhil! If he’s smart enough to change your plans, you can’t kill him! (Besides, the name reminds me of Mikkel in the Viking Quest series- that I’m re-reading- and I like Mikkel!)


  3. kyleian says:

    I know, I like Mikkel, too, but Mikhil is different… he used to be amazing… and if you read the story I think you’d realize why I need to kill him…


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