The Writing Endeavor.

This is something I’m endeavoring to do this year with my fellow writing endeavorists. (It’s not too late to join).

We have different challenges every month, min-Challenges within each week, and all having to do with writing.

For the month of January, we have to write a completely new story, and reach 11,111 words by the end of the month. The first mini-Challenge was to incorporate something your mc (main character) loves or hates and why. It’s been fun so far.

My story was rather spur of the moment and without any thought or planning. It’s about a young lady whose mother died when she was eight, and has grown up since then with her dad and six brothers… as you can imagine, she’s quite the tom boy, even though her dad still treats her like a princess. On her fifteenth birthday, her dad reminds her of her role as a woman and encourages her to be the sister her brothers have but never knew like a sister. The rest of the story is about her journey from being a tom-boy to being a princess, a daughter of the King.

The writing endeavor is supposed to help with getting better at writing things we have trouble with, and this story is definitely doing that… I don’t enjoy writing so much in the modern era, even in first person, so it’s a bit of a stretch and a challenge to write well in that area.

The Writing Endeavor

Join us!

bail o Dia ort,



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