The Ever-Loving Truth

Recently I read a very good book by Dr. Voddie Baucham.

It was called The Ever-Loving Truth.

We were at the N’s house for dinner and were talking about tolerance, America, and the presidential election. Connor got up from the table and got a book from the bookshelf, called The Ever-Loving Truth. He briefly gave an overview of how the book was connected to our discussion. I asked if I could look at it, and leafed around and started reading the prologue. I was riveted to the page until I finished the prologue, then asked if I could borrow it.
Since then, I’ve been devouring the book.

In the prologue and opening chapters of the book, laying out the issues we’re facing in our culture… the truth that’s in conflict, the lies they try – and often succeed – to convince us of.
Dr. Baucham promptly debunks these lies, showing loving, humble ways to refute their claims, such as “All religions are the same.” and “Tolerance is the greatest virtue.” He talks about hate crimes and hate in general – coming at it from the perspective of an African American.

Then he challenges us. As Christians, we should not be just watching all of this go by and saying “But!” Neutrality is not an option. We need to get rid of the false stereotypes and draw the line in the sand – then step over it.

In the following two sections, Dr. Baucham reminds us of the suffering we will face if we choose to openly follow Jesus. Then, he briefly goes over some apologetics – things like the validity of the Bible and the deity of Christ – so when we face those who are persecuting us, we can give an answer for our faith.

The closing chapter of the book brings us back to hate crimes. Dr. Baucham reminds us that we are like Peter and John before the Sanhedrin, but unlike Peter and John we often back down after being reprimanded. “Struggle is inevitable. Conflict is at hand. Will we bow before the god of our culture? Or will we plant our feet, square our shoulders, lift our heads, and give an account to all those who ask us not just what we believe but why?” Dr. Baucham asks as a final challenge.

So what about you? Will you accept tolerance and the ever-loving truth? Or will you search for Truth and find it, then share it, being willing to take on suffering and persecution?

On this eve of the inauguration, where the reigns of the country will change physical hands… first, remember God’s still on the throne and is the one who’s REALLY holding the “reigns of the country.” Things will change. I pray it will be Mr. Obama’s heart.

But whether it’s the heart of our president turning to God, the hearts of the people turning to God, or neither, it doesn’t change the fact that we need to give an answer for our faith and model Christ in our lives – both by our actions and our words.

I challenge you to do that.

bail o Dia ort,


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