Goodbye, Caroline

A very dear friend of mine moved… far, far away. The girls in my small group and myself put our heads together to see what we could come up with to make for her as a goodbye present. Someone suggested a pillow… I expanded that to a 9-patch quilt pillow (there are 9 of us) and then it got expanded even more to a pillow case. By the time we finished our planning, we decided both sides would have rectangle pieces and we’d each design and make one, then a few of her other good friends would, and with a few blank and other squares we’d piece it together and make a pillow case…

I offered to sew the whole thing together, so I pieced it together…
used parts of the backing of an old curtain to make a lining… and then used bias tape for the edging.

The finished product?



The bias… my first time ever doing it, with gramma’s help.


A lovely pocket for the notes…

From the Arab girls that come to our Bible studies…

A camel and sand dunes…

My square

Hannah’s Butterflies

It was very fun to make, though at the same time rather sad and sobering… Caroline is a GREAT friend and sister, so the reminder of her moving was hard.

Goodbye, Caroline…
Bail o Dia Ort,


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