What We’ve Been Up To

February 18-20 – we had a family of 5 staying with us, friends of mom and dad’s from a while ago… we still had to keep up with school, but it was enjoyable spending time with their little girls.

February 18-March 1 – Gramma was here! We did some sight-seeing… and she and I sewed a lot together – her doing some mending, I working on my quilt. (She brought a rotary cutter and cutting mat for me!!! :))
We went out to the Atlantis Hotel one day, just to see it:
The four of us kids on a huge “throne” that was there… I guess for the king of Atlantis. Anyways, we thought it was pretty cool that we could all fit on it. πŸ˜‰

Nate and I talking in the lobby

There was an aquarium downstairs… weird or what?

The hotel itself.

February 21-24 – Cait and I went to Bahrain to visit friends… but my memory card for my camera had issues after we got back, so we don’t have any of the pictures yet. It was a fun time, though – we went to an amusement park, played cards, built a house of cards, asked and were asked lots of riddles, and had some good conversations.

February 28- March 10 – Uncle Mike was visiting! Since his time here and gramma’s time here overlapped, that’s when we did most of our “tourism,” like finally getting out to one of the new malls that has a HUGE bookstore.

And I’ve been reading… a lot. The library here had 2 of R.M. Ballantyne’s books, so I read those. Uncle Mike brought a Horatio Hornblower book for me to read while he was here. And I’ve been re-reading some of my favorites from my own bookshelf, like “In Search of Honor,” and “The Wanderer.” “The Wanderer” mostly because it’s at sea and because I want to go to sea so badly… have a ship someday with my 9 hypothetical kids and spend a year homeschooling on a ship. πŸ™‚ Well, we can dream!

And sewing…

See, there’s my lovely new cutting mat under my pieces:

And taking pictures…
(While making faces in my oboe keys)

I picked up a hibiscus the other day while walking around the compound

March 14 – the Father-Daughter Day-Out
Every year we try to have a Father-Daughter campout, but the schedules of all of the dads didn’t work out this year for a campout, but instead we drove out to the campsite after Church and stayed until around 9 PM.

We had driving lessons…

Went sand skimming…
(Even daddy went!)

When we got back from all of that, Cait, Sarah, and I started making potatoes – slicing potatoes, onions, and garlic, then spreading butter on it all and wrapping it in foil, then putting it over the coals to bake. YUM.

We watched a beautiful sunset…

Saw some interesting creatures…
(We also saw a scorpion and a camel spider – eek!)

Enjoyed Hannah’s dramatic telling of Rapunzel…

We listened to the dads tell stories…
And then daddy read “The Garden” (with lots of interruptions by a camel spider and scorpion).
It went kinda like this:
E: *making hand motions to ask me ‘What is it?’*
Me: *motions back that I think it’s a spider*
H: “Is that…?”
C: “It’s a scorpion!”
And then all of the girls on the mat promptly got up and started screaming or looking scared and daddy attacked the scorpion with a flashlight in hand and shoe on his foot… πŸ™‚ And KILLED IT!
About 5 minutes later a camel spider ran across near the fire and the dads pushed it into the fire… after which Hannah commented on the crispyness of it, and Rachel on how it tasted like chicken. πŸ˜›
Then daddy finished reading and we packed up and drove out…

“What did the prince look like?”
“Not like the witch.”

“You are your daughter’s child.”

“There once was a voracious loon
Who went to the man on the moon
He demanded some cheese
without saying please…”
“And the guy said no.”

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day… I made sure I danced St. Patrick’s Day when I practiced Irish dance… and we made Irish Soda Bread… and I wore my shamrock earrings and my cloak pin. I love my cloak pin – Gramma got it for me at the Tacoma Highland Games a few years ago. πŸ™‚ Daddy read the story of St. Patrick from Trial and Triumph during family worship.
Soda bread. Yummy.

… and finally, there’s my thumb.
Repetitive-Strain-Injury-something-or-other. The doctor gave us a referral to the physiotherapist… who is ordering a thumb brace but until it comes I get to wear tape on my hand… and stay off of the piano for 5 days, not do the dishes, and not write for more than 10 minutes at a time. Fun. It was pretty cool, though, the way she could identity which muscles were strained and explain all the different muscles and how each one had a different movement…

And our computers and Land Cruiser had a council of war and decided to all fail at the same time.
But that’s ok.

So… that’s what we’ve been up to. πŸ™‚
Bail o Dia ort,


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