A False Humility.

Why are we humble? Is it because we want to be exalted?
I don’t think that’s truly humility. “I want to be humble so I can be exalted!”

How many of us think like that? “I know God says we’ll be exalted if we’re humble… therefore I’ll be humble, but just so I can be exalted!”
I honestly think that’s a false humility. We need to forget the part about being exalted. Yes, do remember that God sees the little services even when no one else does, but service isn’t about being seen, it’s about putting others first, isn’t it?

I am constantly guilty of this. I love serving, odd as it sounds, I love picking up the trash at a campout. I love cleaning and helping people. But often I feel “entitled” to a word of thanks.
It’s those times that I have to check my motives, and ask why I’m really doing it.
I don’t want to be serving for a reward, I want to be serving because God commands it, and because I want to be Christ-like.

So is it going to be “I’m going to serve so I can be exalted” or “I’m going to serve because it’s what Christ did”?

After reading that, how much do you still want to be humble?
A definition of humility that’s gospel-centered is seriously not something most people would pursue unless the gospel has penetrated their lives. Who wants to be reminded of our own sinfulness in the light of God’s holiness? I mean, seriously, we don’t even GET to what other people notice before suddenly you feel like dirt.
But God is so gracious and merciful.

As a young lady, feminism is something I hear about and read about a lot.
I think I’ve figured out why feminists look so distastefully on homemakers.
They have SUCH a false definition of greatness.
Greatness as defined by Christ is self-sacrifice to glorify God. Putting others before yourself, pouring your life into theirs.
My mom is so great.

I know this post is rather all over the place… but it was encouraged after reading Humility – True Greatness – by C.J. Mahaney almost a month ago. I was going to post this sooner, but death was more on the forefront of my mind.

Anyway, whatever rabbit trails I went down, Mr. Mahaney’s book is really good – read it! 🙂

From the Orchestra pit,



2 thoughts on “A False Humility.

  1. jwpraisegod says:

    Sadly I have missed much of your blog up-dates due to an erratic month. But the few I have read recently have truly fascinated me.
    It is so incredibly encouraging to watch and see as a friend experiences change.
    By sharing with each of us your change in thought pattern you have truly blessed us! Thank you.
    Death indeed is a subject quite interesting and vast. There are two sides to it- the side of those who know and love Jesus Christ, and the side of those who know no love as such. It can be frightening at the same time as exciting! Yet dreadfully harsh to those who do not love our Lord and Saviour.
    You are so right in your statement of how this world has become entertained by death (forgive me for not using exact qoutations). Do you think because of such a great fear of death, the world has sugar coated it to such an extent they’ve lost the meaning? Often a technique used to get over a fear is to make the fear into a joke or laughing matter…
    I suppose I am vearing far off topic. But you see, when you speak of death it burdens my soul even more for the lost. Just the mere mentioning of the word heats me up in side and gets me fired up!
    (Again forgive me for vearing. I am tired)
    It has been good to hear from you again, Kyleigh.
    Hearing of rain in the desert is exciting!

    Be blessed and keep blessing!
    – jwpraisegod


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