I’m working on this piece for oboe right now… if it was in a different key it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s in A major and C# is a nasty note on the oboe, and there’s a LOT of them.  I found this recording of it on Youtube while wondering if it was just me playing it badly that made it seem so boring or if it was the song itself…

You can decide after you hear it… the way this guy plays it is INCREDIBLE. (I’ve taken notes on it on my sheet music…)


(And while you’re on Youtube… look up Charlie Zahm and “The Minstrel Boy.” Also pretty incredible.)

I will hopefully have posts of slightly more substance coming soon… daddy and I are going on a trip soon but after that I think we’re home and not very busy until we leave for the states near the end of June.

Bail o Dia ort,


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    • kyleian says:

      Well, I have a music lesson on Wednesday… we’ll find out how close I am then… And maybe I can find somewhere in the house that has the right acoustics that it won’t echo too much in a recording so I can record it.


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