Lessons from a Quilt Square: Ribbon Star


It’s taken me a while to get this square done, and then forever and a day to get pictures of it to post! (All 8 of these squares have actually been finished for at least 3 months now!) This was a very enjoyable square, though, nice and simple after the trials of Mariner’s Compass.

At least, it SHOULD have been simple.

Of course, as I eluded to at the conclusion of my last of this series, I screwed it up. This time it was with my measurements – I finished the first square, measured it… and it was somewhere around 10 3/4″. Not a nice measurement to work with, and definitely not the 12 1/2″ I was wanting!

I slumped down at the table, and put my head in my hands. Another great reminder of my sinful fallenness… and another use of the character produced by endurance, produced by suffering.


Eventually we decided that I should just add a border, which proved to be difficult with the odd measurements I found myself working with, but we figured it out in the end, and added on enough material to get to the size I needed.

Shows the way we gotta work with what we have and what God gives us. Yeah, it takes tweaking.

More on sanctification (I’m sure EVERY SINGLE POST on my quilt will have something to do with sanctification). A 10 3/4″ square isn’t perfect. 12 1/2″ is. So you gotta make it perfect, and making it perfect takes time and effort. It means cutting away what you don’t need and replacing it with what you do need.

It’s amazing how much sewing can relate to real life. But then, if you look hard enough, you can find proof of God and His grace in anything.

For that, I’m forever grateful.


(The square in the corner is coming up. And – I’m almost halfway done now. 5 more Ohio Star, 4 more pinwheel, 4 Flags&Ships, 8 log cabin, and then 4 of a yet-to-be-decided square [any ideas?])

Off to the cutting board,



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