Do you remember this? Photobucket

Well, it’s done… not on the wall, I got tired of drawing on the wall and was running out of space.
This is what it looks like now: Photobucket
Up on my wall:

It’s a map of Edaled, where my stories “Love Victorious” and “Hope Victorious” (and many more to come!) take place.
I drew it on a kind of poster board that we had, 9 panels, and then taped it all together. The lines are a bit annoying, especially if I were ever to put it in a book, but if I were really so inclined I could just use GIMP and get rid of them in pictures.
Edaled is made up of 9 kingdoms: Olandern, Sealyn, Stargonia, Aquis, Byshan, Cathonys, Ladylan, Minarea, and Panatea.

This is Cathonys and Northern Minarea:
(sorry it’s a little bit blurry… LV readers if you want I can post a better one so you can get more of an idea of where stuff happens)



Stargonia, and part of Olandern up at the very North:

I love the circular island with other islands inside… 🙂

(Ladylan, Sealyn, and Minarea are the ones that were drawn onto my wall)

South Eastern part of Minarea:

Byshan and parts of Sealyn and Minarea


I had a lot of fun doing it, especially inking it in. Trees, though, are a good way to kill your thumb…

I don’t have exact numbers yet, but lots of rivers, forests, canyons, valleys, mountain ranges, and deserts still need naming… suggestions?

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot on a repeated phrase in Exodus, while they’re working on the tabernacle (which we’ve been going through in Family worship… we built a tabernacle from a kit. Lots of people have also asked daddy to come talk about it, and he has. 🙂 He should write a book!)… but anyway, a phrase that appears a lot is “He has filled them with skill,” or “In whose mind the LORD had put skill…”
I kept reading that and thinking about it. It’s so cool. It makes it easier to stay humble, too, remembering that it sure isn’t me, but a gift of God.

And then when it was done, the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle… cloud by day, fire by night. Wouldn’t it have been neat to see that? And how much greater to see His Glory in heaven? I can’t wait for that day.

Bail O Dia Ort,

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  1. Heather says:

    LOL, Ky, I just realized…I was looking at this post again and in Sealyn, you have an island with other islands inside…so do I in my world Absor!! That country, Diresth plays a huge part in the latter history of the world….I’ll have to post pics on my blog now so you can see.


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