Last night we had our Well Group sleepover. We went to the mall for dinner and then joined a whole bunch of other people at the C’s house for a game night. Hannah, Leah, Mikhal, Melinda, and I played Dutch Blitz the whole time I was there. Then we drove across town to one of our leader’s houses. I didn’t stay the night, but before I left we played guitar and sang for a while, then prayed for various summer things.

As we were praying, I was lying on the floor. Sarah was thanking God for our Well Group, and suddenly I wondered about next year. Potentially there could be a lot of changes next year, with people moving among other things.

I was lying there, with my eyes open and staring at the prayer requests. Then suddenly I had to ask God. “What about next year?”
He just said “Trust me.”
I said “ok.”


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