Csehy 2009

I apologize… I said a week ago I’d have a post up within the week, but I didn’t. Here it is now…
June 26 – Cait and I left for the states today. I hate leaving at a different time than the rest of the family… they’re at Church right now.
Now we’re safely in the US. JFK was no trouble at all. On the flight to JFK, I was sitting in between a woman leading a missions trip from South Africa to a Church in NY and a Muslim woman from Pakistan. A row behind me and across the aisle was a woman who sat down and promptly began sharing the gospel with the person sitting next to her. The most I did was say that no, I wasn’t studying theology, and no, I hadn’t done my thesis (wasn’t even out of highschool) but was listening to sermons for my own benefit.

In the airport, Cait and I were sitting around rather bored wehn a family with 8 kids walked by. We saw them around some more, then finally decided to go ask them if they were homeschoolers (they just looked like it, do you know what I mean?). They were, and we talked with their mom and young daughter until I had to get onto my flight. At that point I was exhausted, having 36 hours without sleep (it was over 40 by the time I went to bed!).

Mr. Haynes picked me up at the airport. Once at Houghton, I checked in and got my stuff in my room, then we went out for a picnic. The H’s and a few other campers were already there, so we sat and ate near the music building. Then we played Sardines in the music building, and went swimming with the counselors. I went straight to bed after showering.

June 27 – In the morning after breakfast, Angela, Teresa, and I sorted linens. There wasn’t anything for us to do after that, so we practiced our instruments for a while. After lunch, Angela, Jonathan and I stayed in teh dining hall talking until around 1:30. Then we worked on music theory and played Frisbee. During Frisbee, I found out that Kendall (my counselor) knew how to fiddle, so she got out her viola and I danced for a little while. Angela, Jonathan, and I talked for a while again after dinner, then I helped Angela move some of her stuff. We played capture the flag until bed time. Csehy really starts tomorrow… I wouldn’t mind, though, if it didn’t, we’ve been having so much fun with just the six of us.

June 28 – Everyone is here now. It’s nice seeing people I knew from before and meeting new poeple. I took the hard theory test – we’ll see how I did tmorrow. My oboe audition was blah, my reeds went wacko on the flight. Tim H had to go home this morning before Church because he was sick. So we went down to the guys dorm and talked to him through the window for a while, until he had to go.

June 29 – Mr. Haynes is doing chapel this week. The theme is “Mount up with Wings” and each day he talks about a different bird from the Bible. This morning was about Vultures – and how our nature (sin or Spirit-filled) determines our appetite, our appetite determines diet, and our diet determines our growth or lack thereof.
The band music is fairly easy on my end, but still needs lots of work. Choir is difficult, but we’re singing a really neat piece called the “Song of Moses.” It has 4 movements… and we’re the 2nd choir ever to sing it. We played Frisbee, but it was really crowded and muddy because we could only use part of the field. But I had a great lesson with Mrs. Rawleigh, and lots of fun hanging out with Angela, Anna, and Jenna B. I’m in the part-writing theory class, with the same teachers I had last year. πŸ™‚ It’s tough stuff, but I love it.

June 30 – The bird this morning? Doves and pigeons. Mr. Haynes talked about the widow’s mite and how it’s not how much we give, but the value of what we give. Today was amazing. We sang “Give me Csehy Every Summer” at dinner (hehe), I picked a hymn (I will sing of my redeemer) during singtime, and we also sang “Oh How I Love Jesus” (Csehy version). After singtime and finishing my theory homework, we stumbled upon some people in the student center who were sharing testimonies. Mostly it was Jonathan, Angela, Sarah C., Teresa, and I, but there were others, too. It was incredible fellowship with likeminded people. We only stopped because we had to get back to the dorms. πŸ™‚

July 1 – It was doves again. But this time, Noah’s ark, and how God used the doves to tell Noah when it was time to go. It was too wet to play Frisbee, so I played Dutch Blitz in the Student Center. We made a card to send to Tim. Nothing too exciting today.

July 2 – We talked about Sparrows this morning. And our worth in Christ, and His love for us. One of those God-moments, because we’d just been talking about that the other day. I had a lesson with Mrs. Rawleight that went VERY well. We had our last theory class for this week, as well as the faculty recital. During sectional time in the evening, Angela and I were running around looking for Teresa. Jonathan stopped us on the first floor of the music building and told us to go into the recital hall for something amazing… it was. Andrew and Jon were in there with the 2 grand pianos pushed together, improvising off of hymns.
In sing time, we sang one of my favorite hymns ever, “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.” We sang a whole bunch of other great hymns like that… but it was also a very sad singtime, because it was Angela and Teresa’s last.

July 3 – Chapel this morning was about eagles. And how without God’s help, we’ll be riding below the thermals and have to be working really hard and getting tired and working in vain (Ecclesiastes). However, if we wait on God, He’ll carry us into thermals. πŸ™‚
Our last day of rehearsals this week. I can’t wait to have a break from practicing 2 hours a day! (Though it is fun to practice in the green room when all of the practice rooms are full!). During free time, I talked with Kim, Jenna, Teresa, and Amelia about the Bible and standards. At dinner, I sat with Jonathan and Angela… we had dress rehearsal after dinner, and then the counselors did the funky chicken. In bed, Elena and I walked about guarding your heart, heaven, and God (and were up way past lights out. SHH!).

July 4 – The field was still too wet even to have field day on, so we went to the gym. It was still fun, though. The concert went really well. Afterwards was very sad, though, becasue lots of people were leaving – and many people that I love very dearly, like Elena, Angela, and Teresa. After the bonfire (during which Mr. Haynes shared with us his testimony) a bunch of us stayed up late with a young lady who was having a lot of trouble guarding her heart. I felt like I didn’t have anything to say, so prayed the whole time).

July 5 – We had to say goodbye to Angela and Teresa in the morning. Lots of tearful goodbyes. After lunch I went with Anna and Lauren to the recital hall, and we were singing and playing the piano. Then I played Frisbee, and then I went to the student center with Sarah C., Rachel, and Jonathan – we played Nertz for over an hour. After dinner, Jenna, Jonathan, and I sat around talking for a while.

July 6 – We sang “Abide with Me” in sing time! That also is on my top hymns list. During the guy’s swim night, we had another Bible study/prayer time. Theory was fun, we played more nertz during free time, and band and choir this week are great. πŸ™‚

July 7 – Chapel this morning was about not wasting your life – mostly with regard to not being a slave to sin. We talked about Samson, and how he wasted his life because he chased the desires of the flesh instead of pursuing God’s purpose for His life. I had one of my lessons today. It’s sad, I only have one more with Mrs. Rawleigh this year. 😦 We finally got to play Frisbee! πŸ™‚ I signed up for ministry teams – we’re going to a nursing home with our music. πŸ™‚ I’m kinda excited but nervous and not sure what to expect. In between theory and sing time we played Dutch Blitz in the elevator until I got motion sick. Then I was dancing outside as Kendall and Alex fiddled. Singtime was in the chapel, with Mrs. Larder on the organ! πŸ™‚

July 8 – We talked about sin again in Chapel, and how having convictions will help you defeat sin. We also talked about good fellowship (shared life!). I don’t remember much else from this day, I didn’t scribble anything down… I did jam my fingers playing Frisbee, and had an awful night in theory – my mind wasn’t functioning right.

July 9 – Obedience… the different levels of obedience God calls us to, demonstrated by Peter. We went to the Nursing Home during free time. Wow wow wow. I only sang with the group, but afterwards we went out to talk with the people there, which was encouraging. At times it almost brought tears to my eyes. One lady I talked with for almost half an hour. She had been widowed three times. Another told me how much she liked our music, that I looked beautiful, and had pretty eyes. She was wearing a lovely sweater, and I told her so, and that I was so glad I could come. Another woman couldn’t talk. She was trying so hard, but couldn’t. I told her that I enjoyed talking with her when we had to leave, and she nodded. Outside, there were some other ladies sitting, who hadn’t come to hear us but were going to next week. We told them we were excited to come back (even though it would be a different group). We walked the mile back to Houghton, a third of us barefoot. By the time we got back to the dorm, I had blisters on my feet, but I didn’t mind. After dinner we had our final theory test. I kept second guessing myself, but finally finished. We had skit night after dinner and singtime. I had rounded up people do do the Hungarian Cinderella… they loved it. πŸ™‚ Mrs. Rawleigh had also recruited all 6 of us other double reeds to do a goofy double reed skit.

July 10 – We talked about living under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and surrendereing everything to God, saying not “I can do better,” but “God, I can’t do better.”
We had a rather eventful day… in Choir, one person threw up and 2 fainted from getting overheated. We were all walking around in shock, but that was the day we were singing the benediction to the kitchen staff. I think it was a reminder to all of us as well, especially the “And give you peace.” We played Frisbee during free time, and I had my last lesson with Mrs. Rawleigh. I was close to crying by the end of it. She’s begging me to come for four weeks next year. Near the end of free time was the Composition recital… jaw-dropping, as always. We had a picnic dinner, and sat on the ground with Jonathan and Rochelle, among others. We were killing ants like we’d done two weeks before, and kidnapping other Dumm-Harry-Foxes from Holland. We had dress rehearsal after dinner. Lots of pranks. πŸ™‚ In choir, we started singing the Hallelujah Chorus instead of Hallelujah, Amen. But we all started in different keys. Ouch.
Then we headed up to the woods for the bonfire. Lots of people shared, myself included. A big theme was God’s faithfulness toward us.

July 12 – last night we had the concert. Very tearful farewells. The student recital that morning was amazing. Awards were rather tearful… first slightly shocked that I got an honorable mention, then crying in agreement with some of the other awards given, especially “Camper of the Session.” My farewell to Mrs. Rawleigh was really hard, I didn’t want it to end so I’d have to leave her, though. After dinner (which included Rochelle and I hiding Jonathan’s fudge and Bible… long story) we helped Rochelle pack up. Then after she left, we played Nertz (we being Jonathan, Heidi, Jenna, Mrs. E, and I) until we had to go to bed. Jonathan kept making me yawn, among other things such as teasing about something being wrong in there, apologizing for putting a card out, then everyone says “No you’re not!” or me saying “Oh, I missed that one!” And Jonathan saying “I didn’t!”. Then Heather, Jessica, Gretchen, Jenna, Nicole, and I stayed up until 1 filming a pillowfight striped ninja movie. πŸ™‚
I didn’t feel like eating anything this morning, but knew I should anyway. Then I had to say byes. Jonathan, Jenna, and Anna walked down wtih Heidi and me to the car. Then Shawn and Lauren drove Heidi and I to the airport. Before breakfast that morning, I’d walked around the music building, and sat in a practice room we’d played Sardines in, thinking about how awesome God is to give us music and fellowship.

– Poison beans!
– Naming and killing ants
– Playing air hockey with a cookie, salt and pepper shakers.
– Staying for hours after meals talking
– Sudoku with Angela
– Watching Teresa practice for 5 minutes before she realized we were out there.
– Nertz with Jonathan and Sarah
– Watching Andrew and Jon play piano.
– Going overtime in lessons with Mrs. Rawleigh
– Ice cubes!
– Banana peels
– “Just kidding.”
… and lots more…

Hi ho!


3 thoughts on “Csehy 2009

  1. Heather says:

    LOL…sounds like you’re as big of a Frisbee fan as me and my buddies are. We’ll play rain or shine…
    So is this a music camp? Sounds like my orchestra, only compacted into 3 weeks instead of the school year. Wow!


  2. Kyleigh says:

    Heather – yup, it’s a music camp! πŸ™‚ Csehy Summer School of Music. Depending on your instrument and skill level you play in band, orchestra, or handbells (voice and piano majors, and anyone who wants to), and everyone sings in choir.
    Yeah, it’s intense. And it’s really just 1 week, because there’s a concert at the end of every week, then we get new stuff every Monday to perform that coming Saturday. It’s a blast.


  3. Esther says:

    I miss Csehy…Your post on July 4-by Elena do you mean Elena/Nellie Smith? What day was the Csehy-bird? You need to go a week this coming summer when Mr. Pinkham is doing the morning chapel. He’s really nice. There is a pink spray painted rock that says “We [heart] PinkHAMs” that Alex did. I wish you posted more pics. I forgot to take my camera…sigh…although Mani took enough pictures for everyone. πŸ˜›


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