Gramma’s, Snow Mountain, Leavenworth

Ahh…. I apologize again, for taking so long… we’ve been really busy!

So, after Csehy, I was at gramma’s for almost 2 weeks – I made the underdress for my dress, picked blueberries and cherries, practiced music a lot, watched baseball and Mash with grampa, went to Starbucks, and went to Hannah’s feis which also had a very fun ceilidh. I have pictures,but will put them up when we get all the way home (11 days!)

Then daddy came and we flew to CO for Snow Mountain (family reunion with daddy’s side of the family). We drove up the mountain on the first day, then ate dinner, went put-put golfing, and played Apples to Apples. On Saturday we sat around for a while, went canoeing, played Sudoku and cubed with Joseph, and went for a hike to the waterfall.
Sunday we went to Church, then all of us ladies went out for lunch. Back at the cabin we played cards, cubed, and got ready for Zac’s 18th birthday celebration.
Monday mom and I went for a hike up 9 Mile Mountain, then after breakfast we went horsebackriding. We’re so thankful for God’s protection – Candace fell off her horse! In the afternoon 9 of us went off-roading up another mountain – so much fun! Then we came back and had a graduation party for Cait.
Tuesday mornng we left, and then got home to WA, did laundry and packed up for Leavenworth.

Leavenworth was fun – this is the family reunion on mommy’s side. 🙂 We drove to Leavenworth, then went swimming, changed, and went to dinner at Andreas Keller. I got Spatzle, as usual. 🙂 Then we went mini golfing. The next morning after breakfast we went hiking up to Hidden Lake, came back, swam, shopped, and went to Gustav’s for dinner. Then all of my family went to visit some friends for dessert. We came back, and Hannah and I danced in the basement of the hotel for a few minutes.
Saturday everyone in our family except Candace and I went home. After breakfast, we swam, then snacked and went to the river to tube and wade around. we also played in the mud. 🙂 We had mexican food and ice cream for dinner, then played ping-pong and listened to the pianist.
In the morning Hannah and I walked downtown and shopped, then Aunt Krissy picked us up and we drove home…

Tonight everyone comes over to celebrate birthdays.
Anna comes to visit on the 4th! 🙂


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