Here to Meet With God

Last night at Well Group we finally had time to really go around and get prayer requests, and talk about them. Just like we did at Csehy – not just “Pray for me in this,” but when someone would ask for prayer, we would all encourage that person by giving our take on it. It made Kendall’s “Quick, let’s just do prayer requests because you need to get to bed” end up much longer – and much more encouraging! 🙂
But since then Well Group has felt rather bland and not as deep as it could be. This week it got deeper. The study of John we’re doing is deep, yes, but our fellowship hadn’t been.

So, we shared prayer requests.
Guess what the most common one was?
Deeper, more frequent, more joy-filled time one-on-one with God.
At Csehy this year I was contemplating why we call them “devotions.” I tend to not use that term, just because it’s overused and has lost its meaning. But really, when used with proper meaning… it means that I want to go spend time with God, because I’m devoted to Him and my time with Him.
We talked about how it can get monotonous and become a thing to check off the list, or something limited to thirty minutes, etc. I think part of that is the mindset we go into it with.
“I’m going to read my Bible and pray,” “I’m going to have my quiet time,” etc.
Yes, that’s in a lot of ways the physical side of what we’re doing… but what about the spiritual?
When I go into my time with God saying “Ok, read a chapter here, review this memory verse, pray for these people…” it becomes a legalistic checklist.
But when I tell myself that it’s time for me to go and meet with God, and talk to my Father, my mindset and desires are completely different. In a lot of ways it’s just a simple change in phrasing. And it can become just as legalistic as the other ways we say it.
But meet with God. Read His Love letter, talk with Him as you would your Father (and even more than your earthly father!). Tell Him your need, because that’s all that we have.

I am there, every morning, not to read my Bible.
I am there, every morning, to talk to my Father.
I am there, every morning, to empty myself at His feet, telling Him my need.
I am there, every morning, for Him to fill my need with Himself, and make me more hungry for more of Him.
I am there to meet with God.

We are in the beggar’s position – all we have is our need.
“My hope as a desperate sinner, who lives in a desert of unrighteousness, hangs on this biblical truth: that God is the kind of God who will be pleased with the one thing I have to offer – my thirst.” – John Piper



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