2 Years.

… playing oboe, 1 on my new oboe (which finally has a name! Oboe-Diah. I can’t get over puns. :P)

Anyways. So I started out playing Mary Had a Little Lamb. (actually not… I don’t know if I ever played that).
Now I’m working on a gorgeous concerto by Telemann. In F minor (why not F# minor? That’s my favorite minor… Gb my favorite Major!)
Here is a link to it, with an oboe playing it.

And here is a link to a trumpet dude playing the first movement (the best!).
Sounds ‘way better on oboe, because Telemann knew what he was doing when he wrote for oboe.

Someday I want to play this and this with an ensemble. Those and Scheherezade (Rimsky-Korsakov rules all!)

2 thoughts on “2 Years.

  1. kyleian says:

    Heather – well, I did grow up listening to classical music, even though I didn’t play much until I was 8 (guitar) and then music was just… music. Now I mostly listen to classical music, and only know so much about those piece because I’ve played them or want to play them so much I listen to them constantly!


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