2 Weeks.

It’s been busy.

Wednesday the 14th Cait and I went over to Edge of the Woods to help prepare for a conference. We got rooms ready, and cleaned the dining room. I finally got around to finishing up some projects – my new black concert skirt, cross-stitches, altering my dress, and finishing up sashes. History and economics lectures help productivity. 😉
Thursday was our usual flurry of music lessons, ensemble, sewing, and Irish dance, that week followed by a farewell party.
Friday was Church… and day one of the D.A. Carson conference, Scandal of the Cross!
Saturday was more of the conference. (Hopefully more on that later… it’s been a week now and I still haven’t had time to think through it all!)
Sunday and Monday were school, music (lots of it… including an oboe lesson in a large ensemble room with a grand piano and wonderful acoustics, then half an hour later practicing Mozart’s variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). Sunday at Well Group President Obama and the Nobel Prize came up at one point. We had the most agreed discussion on politics we’ve ever had there.  People are looking for peace. They’re searching for it, wondering who it is that will bring it to them. They’re just looking for it in the wrong place.
Tuesday night Dr. Voddie Baucham and his son Trey flew in! We had a bunch of people over for lunch.
Wednesday we also had people over for a meal again…
Thursday after our weekly flurry we flurried even harder and as soon as we got home loaded up the car to go out to the desert with Pastor Voddie, the Vaughns, and the N’s. Rachel, Hannah, and I had a blast carrying Faith up and down the dunes (though that’s absolutely exhausting!), lifting up the train of “King” John’s cloak. We ended our time with singing and Daddy reading Proverbs 9.
Friday morning we went to the early service at UCCD… because we then rushed out to head to EBCI, where Pastor Voddie was preaching. We got there a little late, so had to be split up because it was very full. I ended up sitting in the same row as the Neals, and held Faith on my lap the whole time. (She fell asleep. And proudly told Pastor Voddie when he got to the Neals house after the service “Pastor Voddie, I fell asleep while you were preaching!”) When we walked in and some teens handed us the bullitens, they read “Youth-Led Service.” I couldn’t help but smirk just a little… let’s just say that as the morning progressed I felt more blessed than ever to have UCCD. But Pastor Voddie was wonderful. He spoke on apologetics, but thew in a bit about family (that the N’s said wasn’t there before…) and how basing our faith on experience won’t get us anywhere. Imagine this scenario:
“So why are you a Christian?” (Says Buddist, Hindu, Muslim)
“Because I’ve had an experience with God.”
“Dude, me too.”
Yeah, kind of at an impass now, unless you can somehow justify your experience over theirs.
He also talked about tolerance. I’d read about what he said in Understanding the Times the other day, but it really helped to have it reiterated. Tolerance is NOT “whatever works for you as long as you don’t ‘infringe’ on me.” But, as Voltaire says, (I can’t find the exact quote…) – I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
After Church we went to the N’s. Cait, Mrs. N, Mom, and I got the food ready in the kitchen, and then talked there while the men were talking in the back room. Nate and Luke were playing on the floor in there listening, and Nate really enjoyed getting to meet Pastor Voddie (and getting to ask him questions about football!). Friday night we were back out in the desert. This time I watched the kids with Esther, and Esther and I talked a lot and good conversations, too.
Saturday was the last busy day (thankfully). Nate had his first football game in the morning. Then we came home, did chores and music practice, then left for the W’s, for another farewell party. Then we drove out to Sharjah for dinner with friends… most of the time consisted of explaining music theory to one of the interns. I loved explaining it to him, first just because I love music theory and secondly because Ben was so enthralled by it all that I got to explain everything over and over again. He was like a little kid, he was so interested. So much fun. My favorite question was definitely – “Why is it called music theory?” We didn’t answer that until part way through, when he was asking if “theoretically” he could tune something differently.
Today is back to school after a long and wonderful weekend. I don’t have much school this week, which is nice. Cait leaves for TX with the N’s on Monday morning. I wish I could go, too, but I have a theory exam on the 31st.

I miss Csehy.
Csehy Choir.

Watching these 2 improvise is the most amazing musical feat I’ve ever seen. They’re basically concert pianist level, then they get out the hymnals and improvise to that standard. Jaw-dropping.

Dutch Blitz in the elevator until I got sick. And later Nertz, not in the elevator, but for hours with Sarah and Jonathan.

Lovely people – Cayley, Sarah, Heidi, Rochelle, Rebekkah… me… and Jonathan’s water bottle, fudge, and Bible. Which later Rochelle and I kept hiding.

Clash Day. Mrs. Rawleigh leading us all. I miss her. Next year, I’ll bring stuff specially for clash day, crazy hat/hair/sock day, and twin day…

Frisbee. I haven’t played since Csehy. This picture makes me laugh – everyone reaching for the Frisbee and no one getting it.

‘Them wunnerful Hollands. Two of them, anyway. Probably my favorite 2, but they’re all my favorite. 🙂 This picture is typical Holland. 😀

This, our one AM escapade with Gretchen. Striped Ninjas (not to be mistaken for WHITE Ninjas) rule. And this is a special picture for me, because it reminds me so much of Gretchen’s wonderful heart – staying up late with us, getting up early with me one morning so I could go practice before campers were allowed out on their own, and then the day when I was really missing Teresa and Angela and she gave me a big hug.

Skit night. The Hungarian Cinderella. Lots of funny memories, both doing the skit and also plotting for it/trying to recruit people.

Jenna and Rochelle, Rochelle and Teresa; 3 people I miss very, very much.

The Queen’s Royal Instruments, aka Pork, aka Sitting Ducks.

This is how we entertain ourselves at meals (when we’re not being music nerdy or teasing each other or discussing devo’s last night). First, the Carnivorous Cow (Jonathan). Some of the guys decided they wanted to try putting ice cream on the tip of their spoon and then putting the end of the spoon in their mouth and trying to get the food into their mouths. Most of the time it ended in failure. Jonathan joined in and we got a good laugh. 🙂
We also spun our “golden tickets.” And Jonathan made Sarah and I annoyed by holding it in ONE hand and spinning it.

yes, lots of pictures. That’s what happens when I miss people, I want to see their faces again, so I look at pictures. But voices beat faces.
And face-to-face beats both, ‘cuz it is both. I miss constant fellowship, laughter most of the time, the focus of the cross (in music and out!), being music nerdy, long hugs with Teresa, always being encouraged in the Word… as I’ve said so many times since this summer, heaven will be an awful lot like Csehy – rejoicing, fellowship, harmonious music.



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