Time and the Preciousness Thereof.

I have been challenged by both friends and my time in the Word about how I manage my time.
At the beginning of the summer, I’d printed out this sermon by Jonathan Edwards to read on the plane. Well, I didn’t quite get around to it, I had so many sermons to LISTEN to on the plane!

People often laugh when I say I managed my time better. They laugh because I finish all of my school before lunch, and my music before my friends get home from school. Some days it works to go see them, other days it doesn’t. On those other days, I get bored. And… more often than not, I end up on the internet – whether because I was writing and got distracted, writing emails and got distracted, or just can’t think of anything better to do (what a lie, Satan!).
I’ve been realizing it’s not so much an addiction as it is boredom. I take Fridays off of the computer. This week Saturday was off, too, because we were just so busy. I didn’t miss it either of those days, I never miss it on Friday.
But I’ve started thinking about what I do and why I do it – and what use it has in furthering the Kingdom.

So. Start off the day – I start off with my time with God – reading, meditating, memorization. I finish it by reading some from my French Bible.
The purpose in this is obvious – the training for godliness Paul mentions in 1 Timothy 4. It also helps me guard against temptation during the day, starting off by giving it to the Lord.
Next I start on my schoolwork. Also rather obvious, more training. Some of it seems rather useless, but with the calling of home-educating my kids (if the Lord so wills) I will need to know it someday to help them, which will in turn prepare them to train up future generations in the teaching and admonition of the Lord.
Then is breakfast and on most days, family worship. Well, if I want to live, I’ve got to eat. 😉 And then family worship is another obvious one.
But what of music? Why do I spend easily 2, sometimes as much as 4, hours a day playing music? Guitar, piano, oboe, pennywhistle, vocal for ensemble practice and sight-singing in theory… Some of it is for worship. To give God the glory when I play in an orchestra, whether at Csehy where almost everyone is, or YOME, where almost no one is. He still takes it! I play for Him and Him alone. Also so I can teach. Again, if the Lord wills that I marry and have children, I want them to learn the art of music. It will save money to be able to teach them myself, even if just the basics. And now, I can teach others, and also as a ministry. I’ve been finding that one of the places I get to share the most about God is with my piano student, Kelsea. Her mother is a believer, but her father is not. They’re not at Church much. Kelsea doesn’t have a lot of spiritual input, but she has lots of questions. We’ve talked about the tower of Babel a lot, and how we can get to God. She asks a lot of we can get to God if we build a tower high enough. So we talked about prayer.
And my writing? What of that? My writing, that to this point (and further on) will stay mostly on my computer, not out into the world. Yes, it does get onto Apricotpie, and encourages some people there. I’ve been learning that even if something encourages one person, saves one person, it is worth the effort. Even if I reach no one with it, I do encourage myself by my writing: I remind myself of biblical truth. And again, someday, I can read these stories to my children. And within the next few months, I’ll begin reading them to Nate and Candace.
Even the daily things in life can be done to His glory, if we look at it that way.
But what of my free time?
I am praying for more ways that I can use my gifts then – whether sewing, music, writing… It is hard. I would love to be able to do more crafts, but I can’t, because supplies are hard to get here. We can get material for pretty cheap, but not yarn. You can’t find good yarn here and pay a decent price for it.
But I know that God’s plan is perfect, even in little things like that. Prayer works powerful things and results in powerful things. William Carey said “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.”
By His grace, that’s what I’m doing.

There are still questions – how much time do I spend encouraging people over the internet before it becomes too much? What place do reading fiction and watching movies have in this? How can I use these things for ministry (ie – I would love to play at nursing homes. But there none here!).
What are your thoughts?

Bail O Dia Ort,


PS – I have tons of drafts! I don’t know what to do with them all, but there are lots of posts coming! Hymns, quilting, syncretism… and I know I have lots of lurkers. I would love to know who you are. 🙂


One thought on “Time and the Preciousness Thereof.

  1. Laura Elizabeth says:

    Kyleigh, I know I don’t comment very much, but your entries encourage me so many times! I would love it if we could meet each other some day, but….
    May the Lord bless you,


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