Of stuffed dolls and broken fingers and happiness

Happiness is…
Handel’s Messiah while baking oatmeal cookies.
The night with the kitchen all to yourself.
Getting up at 2 AM to watch Rebecca and Steven’s wedding
Neatly organized whole grains
Daddy being home!
Squishing cookie dough between your hands.
A scrapbook page gone-right
Blender crepes
Daddy asking mommy ‘what are we doing today?’ and the answer being ‘Matha.’ (Nothing in Arabic)
Serving dinner in between First Friday Prayer and Praise and the member’s meeting.
Ice cream with maple syrup on it.
Biking in perfect weather, listening to soundtracks.
Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue
Singing “O Sacred Head Now Wounded” and “Coventry Carol.”
Making little stuffed dolls. (that is, attempting to make stuffed dolls)
Cait coming home!
Lots of sewing projects!
More quilt material
Reading poetry aloud
Making your oboe SING!

Happiness is NOT…
Your piano student not being home
Piles and piles of dishes (ok, it wasn’t THAT much – cookie trays and a few other things, it just felt like more!)
Having to change the water jug when pumping water
A bad oatmeal cookie recipe
Mind Control
Endlessly reviewing the skeletal muscle system
Waking up (or not really falling asleep until) at 1 AM with an upset stomach and extreme paleness.
Spending a morning watching kids and ending up with a dislocated pinky from when a 3-year old ran on top of it. (though I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing with the kids!)

Happiness IS…
Getting the dishes, the cookies, pumping the water, and the studying all done before 10, with the siblings in bed on time.

Happiness IS…
Going in to bed and finding your brother curled up in a sleeping bag on your floor, the dog at his feet, your little sister asleep in her bed, and the cat sitting on top of your hope chest.

Happiness IS…
Knowing you don’t have to leave home for college as everyone else seems to do, but instead can be SO BLESSED by staying at home and loving and living, and studying Hebrew and working toward piano technician certification (LORD willing!)

Happiness IS…
Being wooed and loved by my Redeemer, giving Him more of my need, and receiving more of His Spirit.

Bail o Dia ort,


4 thoughts on “Of stuffed dolls and broken fingers and happiness

  1. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I know the feeling that comes from not having to go to college! It’s a wonderful feeling! I hope your pinky gets better soon! Also, what does Bail o Dia Ort mean?


    • kyleian says:

      I actually quite enjoyed reading Mind Control. James’s writing is always enjoyable to read, even if it is on such a subject as government socialism.


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