(I like to hyphenate Thanksgiving because it reminds me that it’s a day of giving thanks, rather than just a name on a calendar).

I’m thankful for home.
I’m thankful for mommy, and her example of humility – spending her evenings correcting schoolwork and planning schedules, cooking… coming to us to apol0gize when often we should be the ones going to her.
I’m thankful that God gave me hands so I can play bake, sew, write, and play music, even though they’re so small that I have trouble playing octaves sometimes.
I’m thankful for Cait, and her wonderful friendship, love and advice. And all of those nights lately where I come into your room to say goodnight and stay for an hour.
I’m thankful that God’s in control of the world.
I’m thankful for Daddy and the way he so beautifully fulfills his role of prophet, priest, protector, and provider for our family.
I’m thankful for our wonderful house, even though so often it seems way too big – though with 4 of us in the kitchen this afternoon wanting to use the oven and counters it seemed way too small!
I’m thankful for Candace, and the way she shows her love to all of us in gifts, hugs and kisses. Even more, I’m grateful to God for the work He’s been doing in her life.
I’m thankful for food, not just to survive, but the way God so creatively put variety of flavors and textures into His creation.
I’m thankful for Nate and his sensitive spirit. I hope that he never outgrows it. I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful brother, and it’s so exciting to watch as he grows up.
I’m thankful for the gift of music.
I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit.
I’m thankful for the way my parents have taken the time to teach me how to think biblically.

I love days like today. We’re having our Thanksgiving feast on Friday at the H’s house, but today was spent doing almost no school and baking. I did anatomy and physiology, literature, Understanding the Times, and economics before breakfast. Then we ate and I read for a little while. Around 11 we got started in the kitchen – I made pie crust, cut up apples and made apple pie while mom and Candace started on sugar cookies.
Apple pie topped with pie crust cookies.
The pie was popped into the oven and I started peeling sweet potatoes. You should’ve seen those things! They were massive – weighing around 1 kg each!
Sweet Potato casserole is my favorite Thanksgiving food (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the least healthy, either!). Our first Thanksgiving here, we found these stringy flavorless white things some store called yams. Yuck.
This year, we got 2 of the massive ones and it ended up making 8 cups of mashed sweet potatoes! 3 cups went into the casserole, and 5 are in the freezer.
(This was the smaller of the two)
The pie came out just as the sweet potatoes got soft, and then we turned everything off and headed out to the mall. It’s just us SO HEALTHY homeschoolers on an afternoon daddy has off – going to ColdStone Creamery for lunch. Then we came home and in between chapters of Fighting the Flames I finished the casserole and put in the rolls Cait made.
Cait’s rolls. Don’t they look delicious?
Then we watched a movie as a family and I crocheted a trivet with bits and ends of yarn I had left from potholders and dishcloths.
My feet hurt from standing up so much (because I refuse to wear shoes inside when it’s perfect weather outside!), I have pie crust on my shirt sleeve and probably in my hair. But I’ll sleep well tonight, for a wonderful day of Church and feasting tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a blessed day!

(yes, I added a new category. I had to. I love food.)


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