Sufficiency of Scripture: So now what?

The last few posts have put much information before you. The journey is almost done (though there is one more to come, but later, on the 19th). I know they’ve been long posts, thank you for bearing with me.

Mr. Phillips took us through a journey one morning. He explained how the National Center for Family Integrated Churches was started. It was started because Christians are loosing their children. To save them, we must, with prayer, reform and rebuild the family and the local Church. The NCFIC is temporary, but its theology is transcendent, though pertinent to our time.
The church is in a babylonian captivity. We’ve become syncretists, but do not know it (Does a fish know it’s wet?). When we are so immersed in a post-Christian culture, do we realize the things that are wrong?
We are giving our children to Babylon, when we give them to the schools. Our spiritual fathers DIED for what we now allow and accept.
The family is being destroyed, and the family is a foundation. You know you’re in trouble when the foundations are being destroyed. Isaiah 3 and 4 is a horror story, and we are living it. We have replaced the Christian community for virtual relationships. We live in Churches that are in debt, filled with selfishness, are cleric- pagan- women- or emotion – driven Churches. We want to change it; this is why people hate this conference. Our cry is sola scriptura, semper reformanda.
We are building on the fathers who died, and when we build on them we learn from their mistakes. Progressive sanctification. The Puritan fathers’ mistake was to copy the Roman Catholics and build universities. Universities like Yale. The Sunday school movement was begun with a good intent – evangelizing chimney sweeps. But it was a job that was for the family, and now is taking away our children (Ken Ham- Already Gone).
It is not enough to love your children – you must be all-passion consumed by the person of the Lord Jesus Christ! Enough devastation, we will fight!

Mr. Phillips and Mr. Brown gave even more charges in the “closing charges.”
Don’t talk about leadership, do it. Don’t say “Boys, go take that hill!” but “Boys, I’m taking that hill, follow me!” Plan and dream before the battle – then lead. Give young people responsibility – when you give them enormous things to do, and walk alongside them, enormous things are done. Give them meaningful kingdom work, not games.
Build strategic friendships, they are instruments in reformation. You have to fight for them. Fight together on earth, then stand together in heaven.
There will be critics. But the only thing the critics can do is throw us into the arms of God, who picks every enemy for us.
We must go back to the basics of the one overwhelming truth, the gospel of Christ. Then let that shape Church and family.
The charge for the next decade: Be on your knees. Pray for the nominal Christians to get their foot out of Babylon.
But as the world gets darker, the Church gets brighter. Don’t convert Hollywood or government schools, but build godly film and godly family.

Mr. Washer (Yes, Ezra, that’s Paul Washer), spoke on the Gospel, which is the greatest hope we have, and in the face of a collapsing world, the thing we should cling to. Mr. Washer is such a humble man. He told us to pray for him, as he would not be able to, as a man, speak about the gospel in a way that did it justice. There will never be anything as beautiful or as necessary than the gospel. We will spend eternity learning about it and God’s glory.
Sin is against the One deserving absolute glory. God commands the sun and it obeys, He commands us and we say ‘no.’ Man is so depraved. Genesis 6:5, 8:21. Man needs more than a flood to cleanse his heart.
Were it not for the cleansing that comes from Christ’s blood and God’s grace, we would be the same as Hitler. Why am I not like Hitler, because of Grace! It is not because I’m homeschooled, because I dress like a woman, have good manners around my parents, or love morality. If I love morality, it’s IDOLATRY. I must love Christ, I must seek God (Romans 3:10). Judge every standard by “Is it for Him?”
Adam and Eve sinned ONCE and were cast out of God’s glory. How many times have we sinned, and yet He gives us grace? He gives us grace and justifies us. Justification is not that we believe and are made perfect in deed, but that we are righteous in God’s eyes, because Christ bore the curses that were meant to be poured out on us. His physical suffering did nothing, but He took the wrath of God. We go to heaven not based on our own merit of Victorian ideals or because our parents raised us right, but because of the merit of another, the spotless Lamb. All we have is Christ! There is nothing outside of Him! Let Christ be our only banner!
There is a problem, with our freedom. It is found in Proverbs 17. “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” If god justifies me and condemns Christ, He is an abomination to Himself. He cannot forgive me, but for Christ, my propitiation. A propitiation satisfies the demands of justice. If God is love, He also hates. He hates our sin, and will deal with it, whether in hell or in Christ.
Our hope lies not in ourself, for we have never once loved God as He ought to be loved. “It is not that you are a courageous man, just that you are captive to what Christ did.”
Christ is the reason that we do what we do – why we homeschool, are polite, strive for morality and biblical womanhood. It is so easy to take our eyes from Christ and then they become legalism. But these things will not save me, only Christ will.
Father, let Christ be my only banner. He will reform my heart, He will reform the family, He will reform His Bride the Church. He will guide my hands in the fight, and He will end the devastation and replace it with the gospel.
This is the sufficiency of scripture.



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