Merry Christmas!

This year I’ve been struck so much with the depth of Christmas Carols. I never realized before how many of them speak so clearly of the cross. We get so caught up in presents, cookies, decorations, etc. that even those of us who have what seems like a billion nativity scenes around the house and do and discuss advent readings every day can loose sight of who the baby in the manger became.
Apart from the Messiah, which I listen to all year round, my favorite Christmas music is a CD of Michael Card’s called “The Promise.” Mr. Card’s music is always gorgeous in its musicality, and the words are often profound. Meditate today on these words, taken from various songs by Mr. Card.

The Promise was love
And the Promise was life
The Promise meant light to the world,
Living proof that Yahweh saves
For the name of the Promise was Jesus…

… This baby that she’s given him
Is theirs for a time
In truth came to give Himself
The Treasure and the Ransom of mankind…

The other day daddy was perusing a book we have by Michael Card, and read a section similar to the following song. The section talked about why the shepherds were the first to see Jesus – because Jesus was the promised Lamb.

Vicit agnus
Noster eum sequamur (Our Lamb has conquered)
Did Abraham himself not say
God would provide a lamb
To take instead the punishment
That should belong to man
And so to humble shepherds
Was His glory first revealed
And with His birth a covenant
Made long ago was sealed
… The just and gentle Promised One
Would triumph oe’r the fall
And conquer by His own defeat
And win by losing all.
Vicit Agnus, Noster eum sequamur!

Christmas is about the baby in the manger, but it’s not about the manger, it’s about the cross.
Christmas is not about the cradle, but the cross.

Many blessings on this joyous day,


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