A Homemade Christmas: Gifts Revealed

A Homemade Christmas at SimplyVintagegirl.com

Well Group Secret Santa… this is why the suitcases arriving was so important! The material for the pillowcase and supplies for making earrings were all inside:

(Yes, behind that is a recipe for sugar cookies – I’m trying to find the perfect one – and my poster from the Mysterious Islands premiere at SoS)

The highlight of Christmas for me was watching mommy and daddy open the present from all of us kids. Back in October or November, I decided it had been too long since we had a good family picture. Tuesday the 22nd, we excused ourselves from lunch and ran upstairs to get changed… into nice – but not matching – clothes… we did end up all being in blue of some sort just so we wouldn’t clash, though.

So we took the pictures, and I spent the rest of the afternoon editing them. That night we chose the best ones and then on Wednesday Cait and I ran to IKEA to get frames, and stopped by the photo place on the way out of the mall. Originally the plan was to have one of each of us kids, but the individual shots didn’t turn out very well. We got two printed, and another we’re giving to my grandparents sometime.
Here are the ones we chose:
Photobucket(Doesn’t Nate look dashing?)
(Though we took about 100 pictures… some of which were immediately deleted, others of which I don’t have on this computer).

We had a very blessed Christmas in this house. Christmas Eve we treated as a ‘traditional’ Christmas. After a late night of singing carols mixed with poor sleep on previous nights, I begged that we wait until 7:30 to be awakened. Nate and Candace protested, but mom, dad, Cait, and I won out in the end. We opened stockings and a few gifts, then headed into the kitchen to get breakfast ready – our Christmas breakfast is bacon and cinnamon rolls, plus coffee, sparkling juice, and fruit. Joel came in time for breakfast. Then we opened more gifts, at our slow, one-person-at-a-time, then ooh and aah pace. This was interrupted by a few doorbell rings, games, times of long conversation… we played Balderdash for a little while, and then most of us headed to the kitchen to make dinner – pizza fondue.
We did our final day of Advent, opened a few final gifts, then headed back into the kitchen to prepare dessert – of which some of us eat more than we do of dinner – chocolate fondue. Then we moved to the living room and daddy read some of “A Christmas Carol,” while we sewed or crocheted.

Christmas day we went to Church – which was filled with much rejoicing – then drove home after a long while of fellowship. We donned aprons and went to work in the kitchen, preparing a feast for the many who would be at our house that afternoon. We ate, played with the two young children that were over, sang, prayed, shared… ate more! Around 7 we left to go to the annual Christmas Bonfire out in the desert – more singing, more sharing, more food! I spend the time after the structured time of singing and sharing talking with a very sweet young lady named Hester. She was teaching me Afrikaans. 🙂

How was your Christmas?


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