Yesterday, after Frisbee, Melinda suddenly stopped mid-sentence and said – “Tomorrow’s the last day of 2009!”

I sighed. I love 2009. It was such a wonderfully blessed year, full of God’s many surprises – some painful, some joyous – all growing. Oh, I have so far to go in my sanctification.  This morning I sat on Candace’s bed with my Bible open, reading, praying, memorizing. I want to know Him so much better!
Last year, I had one main “new years resolution.” That was to memorize more scripture. More specifically, one passage a fortnight. I’ve dwindled down on that since the summer, but I now have a wealth of comfort and hope stored up in my brain and my heart.
Just now I pulled out a slip of paper that has “musical goals” written at the top of it. I’ve made significant progress on most of them, and definitely some progress on all of them. I finally managed to memorize something. My tone on oboe is so much better. My scales and arpeggios are smoother, I’ve improvised more, I’m well on my way to sight-reading hymns, and I can almost sight-sing.
I’ve accomplished three of five or six things on my “goals for school year” list, which is a list that includes things from reading the Ballantyne books to finishing my quilt to listening to the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp CDs.

It’s been such a busy year. I think that every month we said “Maybe this month things will slow down.” They never did.
January I went with daddy to Venice and we spent many lovely afternoons at the beach with the N’s.
Photobucket(Out my window at Sunset)

February Cait and I went to Bahrain, went on the Oasis campout, and gramma came to visit.

March Uncle Mike came to visit, and we had the Father-Daughter Cookout.

April was YOME.

May I went to Yemen, and Cait graduated.

June was finishing school and the first few days of Csehy.

July was Csehy, Snow Mountain, and Leavenworth.

August was Anna’s visit and coming home to Dubai.

September and October were a little quieter, but by the end of November things picked up to extreme busyness.
The last few days of November with Desert Challenge, then enter December with the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference, A Homemade Christmas, ensemble, sewing…
(Mr. Swanson. Picture from the NCFIC blog)
(With Emily Rose and Breezy)
(The infamous and embarrassing moment in which Luke and I met John Moore! We’ve gotten a good many laughs about that incident since!)

God was so good through all of it.

I only have one resolution this year, and that is to spend much more time in prayer. I want to spend so much more time with God, but the devil is so good at distracting us.

There’s so much I’m looking forward to in 2010!



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