We’ve been enjoying pumpkin treats galore the past few days.  I know it seems odd, pumpkins in January?

Mrs. L bought a pumpkin at the Fruit and Vegetable Souq as an Autumnal decoration. Autumn is long-gone, and Cait and Joel wanted a pumpkin to make some soup (which was delicious).
It was a good-sized pumpkin, and they didn’t need very much for the soup, so after they cooked, mom set to work in the kitchen cutting the pumpkin up and baking it. She kept some of it out for us to heat up and eat with butter, but the rest she pureed.
A few days ago, she made pumpkin scones. They were good – had a wonderful flavor – but weren’t very… scone-y. They were more like biscuits.
Today she made an impossible pumpkin pie – pie with no crust – and Cait made some muffins. In a few weeks for my Baking With Whole Grains course I have to make pumpkin bread, so we’re saving some out for that, while pulling out all of our pumpkin recipes.

We also have 2 cups of Sweet Potato (remember our massive 2-pound sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving? It made 8 cups – 6 went into 2 sweet potato casseroles, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The other 2 are waiting to be made into a pie) sitting in our freezer. Does anyone have any good recipes for Sweet potato pie that only calls for 2 cups of Sweet Potatoes and no pecans?

I’ve been realizing more and more how much I love food… As I said a lot this summer, “Food is good. Especially good food.” Mommy got a book for Christmas that I just can’t wait to read – I can’t remember the title, but the thesis is: “Eat food. Not too much of it. Mostly vegetables.”
Yes, I’m an admitted foodie.  Hence the latest addition to my blogroll: Benjamin Serven’s blog, Field to Foodie. Go check it out. 🙂

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying a relatively light school load this week (whilst studying Keynesian economics and how it caused the Great Depression… yet in economics I’m being taught Keynesian economics…). I finished school before breakfast this morning, and music before lunch, so I spent a half hour outside playing with Ojo (a neighbor cat) and enjoying the absolutely glorious weather we’ve been having lately. It was 70 when I was outside, sunny, with a light breeze. I spent the time out there thanking God for His creation. And praying for the miracle we’re going to need soon (not us specifically, but in our Church body).

Another dragon post is coming on Sunday, and on the 21st a paper on the Civil War in honor of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson’s birthday. I got a couple books and we got a movie about Jackson for Christmas and the more I read about him, the more I want to marry a man like him. 🙂

– Kyleigh


3 thoughts on “Pumpkins.

  1. Laura Elizabeth says:

    Stonewall Jackson…my brother’s named after him[William Stonewall Jackson] 🙂 I want to marry someone like Stonewall Jackson too. Google the poem ‘Stonewall Jackson’s Way’. It’s good. Have you ever read anything by Robert Dabney? He was Jackson’s chaplain during the war. His book ‘Women’s Rights Women’ is very prophetic. He tells what would happen if women were given the right to vote, and he hit it spot on. God bless!


    • kyleian says:

      I want to name one of my (future, Lord willing!) sons after Jackson – though not Thomas Jonathan, because I hate TJ. 😛
      I’ve read that poem before, it’s very good. And I’m off to read it again soon. 🙂
      The book I’m reading about Jackson right now is by Dabney – The Life and Campaigns of Lieut. Gen. T.J. (Stonewall) Jackson. 700 pages of pure Jackson. ;D


  2. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I think we have that book (somewhere). Dabney is such a great writer 🙂 My dad thinks he was one of the greatest theologians of the 1800s.


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