Treasures in a Recipe Box

I was going through one of mommy’s recipe boxes the other night, looking for recipes to try or copy down. I did find some recipes, but I found something I treasure more than the recipes of my great grandmother – a piece of family history.

This letter was written to my grandmother, Elizabeth “Zib” Gishpert from someone. An Aunt Ruth, who I have never heard of before. The Mary Susan talked about in the last paragraph is my dad’s cousin. I don’t know what the typed note is from. The header at top of the stationary implies that it came from a store that my great uncle’s family owned. Nate and I spent a few minutes trying to decipher some of hte handwriting the other day:

“Dear Zib:
How do you like the “Red.”
I’ll stick a weeny note in with your Dad’s letter. It’s plenty cool today. Maybe he told you yesterday was “HayDay.” We put stuff out on the walk – marked down items and got rid of a few. But it was cold standing out and today my legs are stiff as 2 sticks.
Honey – about the doughnuts – the dough is soft. I usually put it in the ice box for at least an hour then just take out about 1/3 and pat it into a strip then cut off slices about 3/4 to 1 in wide and roll with palm of hand on lightly floured board. If you like then stand about 10 min after you have rolled them they seem to be a little better – I heat fat to 365-370.  Real often mine are grease soaked too. Another thing if you use buttermilk or sour milk – don’t have it very sour. I often add sweet milk to the buttermilk. Too sour and too holey.
I hope – ? her ? under his cold before this: it’s good weather for a cold.
Your evening “out” sounded very interesting. and the food good.
I presume John sent you a picture of little Mary Susan – very cute baby. Why not? Now I can boast of two dolls. Lucky me!
Much love
A. Ruth

Here’s something else I found, too:
It’s a note from my teacher to mommy from when we lived in Jordan. Little Stars is the preschool Cait and I both went to, and I think at one of the parties mommy liked something my teacher made, so wanted the recipe. 🙂

Cait has a post up from a while ago about some family, including my great-grandmother Rose, after whom I got my middle name.

And speaking of family – yesterday we went to the hospital to visit the Y’s and their new baby – Elizabeth (Bethan) Anisa. She’s so beautiful, and I’m so glad I was able to make a baby hat for her, and that it fits her perfectly. It was precious to watch her older brother (‘Miah) and sister (Ellie) hold her, cuddle her, love her – and fight over her. 😉 I loved holding her, too – there’s something so wonderful about holding a newborn, and joyous about life.
I am so thankful for it.



5 thoughts on “Treasures in a Recipe Box

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, I love family history. I’ve never actually found anything like that, probably because it has all gone to other relatives. I have a friend named Elizabeth who told me that they had found a journal written by her great grandmother, I think that was who it was; in one part of it, the author said that they had been visited by the Jesse James gang, and they hadn’t even known about it until the gang had left and they saw their pictures in the newspaper. I would love to find old letters and things, and I love looking at pictures from a long time ago, although they’re kind of sad.


    • kyleian says:

      I’m not exactly sure when it was written. The same year as my dad’s cousin Mary was born, but I’m not sure when that was. Not extremely old.
      That journal sounds really neat. This coming school year I’m hoping to do a lot of work on family history – for my someday grandkids. 🙂


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