Lessons from a Quilt Square: Ms. Nilu’s Baby’s Quilt

Ms. Nilu was the Neal’s maid.  While watching the Neals, the Lord worked reformation in the couple. They have an older son who is in their home country studying, but just about nine months ago now Mrs. Neal told us Ms. Nilu was pregnant! We all got very excited, and when Hannah and I started planning the other quilts, I wanted to make one for Ms. Nilu. When we had been downtown getting other fabrics, Candace wanted to get this one, and since it was fairly cheap, we got it. I knew we wouldn’t want to piece it, but thought we could just put backing on it and then hand quilt – which we did.

Once it was all put together I wanted to start quilting immediately, because the baby was due very soon. I knew Candace wanted my help, so I did a whole bunch of quilting on it one afternoon. I showed it to Candace, and then a little later she started crying. She wasn’t mad that I’d done so much, just that I’d done it without her. I felt quite terrible because my focus had been on getting the quilt done, not on spending time with her.
Quality is better than quantity, and I was wanting to get the “quantity” done and finish the quilt as soon as possible instead of spending quality time with Candace.

The conflict was solved, and the next day we were able to quilt some together, finally finishing the quilt on Thursday.

The finished project:

– Kyleigh


One thought on “Lessons from a Quilt Square: Ms. Nilu’s Baby’s Quilt

  1. Lisa says:

    Love the baby quilt you made for Ms Nilu. You know i should ask you if this was the same Nilu who was our maid. But anyway….sorry little distracted 🙂 The fabric is ADORABLE! I loved it when i saw it at cousinos but it really is such a cute quilt. You guys did a great job!


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