Lessons from a Quilt Square: Pinwheel


This square was the fastest of all of them. All it is is 4 6 1/2″ triangles sewn in a pinwheel. Originally, there were twelve of these in the quilt – they were going to be blue and white. Then I changed my mind and only wanted to do eight, but four pink and white and four purple and purple. As I neared the end and looked at the last few square I had to do, I decided that I really didn’t want to deal with Log Cabin. Orange Peel and Royal Cross had already been thrown out because of size issues. And so I added four more pinwheels – these ones blue on blue.


I admit – at first I really didn’t want to have that many of such a simple square in my quilt. But then I decided that I really liked the way it looked. Simple isn’t always bad (more on that with another quilt). As I remind myself so often as a composer, “Less is more!” Take what you have, and do what you can with it.

I deviated so much from my original plan in making this quilt (which has a name now, but you have to wait for it!). But I like it better now than I liked the original. Some of it’s probably my hatred (laziness?) of cutting lots and lots of little squares and strips. But it reminded me of something I have to remind myself almost every year.


Change isn’t always bad.
If I always refused change, I’d never have encountered the great things God had in store for me since we’ve moved to Dubai. I never would have learned so many lessons. I never would have learned to trust Him like I do, or cling to Him as the unchanging foundation.
Even more, if things never changed, God would never have changed my heart. I’d still be running from Him, refusing His love and grace.
Some changes are good: but in all change, I’m glad to have a firm foundation – though it’s a Rock that works change in my life, to make me more like Him.

“On Christ the solid rock I stand/All other ground is sinking sand!”


P.S. – the top of my quilt is all together now, and I’ve begun quilting.


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