Lessons from a Quilt Square: Ohio Star


Life is slow sometimes. This square proves that quite well – but it also shows how hard work and patience can turn into something beautiful.


I both love and hate Ohio Star. I love to look at it, I love the pink and blue together, I love the star next to Shoo-Fly…
I just hate making ’em. There are so many steps, so many pieces to cut out and sew together… and then now that I’m quilting them, they seem even more tedious – often taking two hours to quilt.
BUT they are so gorgeous. It takes a long time to see the fruit – but it comes.
I was meditating on Psalm 1 the other day. I love meditating on that Psalm, it’s so rich. What I noticed that time around was that the tree bears fruit in season. Not just any time, but in season. It takes time for the fruit to come, it doesn’t just appear all of a sudden.
Life seems a lot like Ohio Star sometimes. Stubbornly slow and tedious, requiring so much discipline, and with seemingly no fruit. But then it’ll come, and come in season.
It takes patience and discipline and work. But fruit will come forth when we abide in Him.


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