So I figured I could do one of two things: post another quilt square and run the risk of boring you all to death… or wait a week and see if I had anything to post about.

Nothing too exciting has been going on around here lately. We’ve had weeks full of planning and baking. My graduation party is in just under two weeks, and we have a freezer full of cookies.
I’ve been trying to find dress material online. I found the perfect fabric – cotton, a brown background with pink flowers scattered on it. But there were only 7 yards left when I found it… and then it was all gone once I decided to go ahead and get it.  I’ve found a backup, but it really can’t compare to the brown and pink. Still, green was my second choice… I just don’t want to look like a pear... I’m also trying to find fabric for a brown skirt and some dress shirts (I’m so picky about short-sleeved nice shirts that I’ve decided I’ll have to make them).

I finished school on Thursday, and have been enjoying life since (not that I wasn’t before, it’s just nice to be done). So far I’ve been spending more time in the Word, practicing music more, and writing out various convictions I have.

Friday we had a beautiful time of fellowship after Church. In November, a family was here to interview with daddy’s airline and they came over twice for meals. But here’s the best part: They’re homeschoolers. And not just any homeschoolers… they are so like-minded I can’t stop smiling when I think about talking with the mom. We talked about weddings and youth groups and movies and standards and femininity and homeschooling… I didn’t want either of us to have to go, but daddy had a meeting back at the Church.
Which was another beautiful time.
Nate was working in the library to get service hours for Boy Scouts – which, some other exciting news is that he went up a rank and is now Star.  I was browsing the shelves, looking for something to either organize or read. I picked up a book I’d seen on the shelf before, called “Waiting for Her Isaac.”
Now, not all books in the Church library are ones I’d recommend… it’s not just our library, and we have different standards than most. The adult fiction section is almost all romance novels. So I’d picked up this book before and figured it was just like all the other ones.
But this time I opened it, and the synopsis in the front said it was about a young lady and her journey of contentment, and then eventually her courtship.
I sat down and began to read, and the more I read, the more encouraged I was.
This young lady was homeschooled, and after her formal schooling finished, she wasn’t going to university. Her family had been working in Brazil, taking the Good News there, but then they had left. Her older brother was back there again, and of course, she desperately missed him. Her family had just moved to a new town to be a part of a Church plant, and she was growing extremely discontent. There were no like-minded friends around.
My summary isn’t doing the book justice, so I’ll stop and just say: read it. Especially if you are a single young lady who struggles with discontentment.
It has helped me so much – and it’s short – 150 pages.

God has been so so so good this past week. He knew that I needed those extra doses of encouragement.
I love that verse where it says He won’t blow out a smoldering flame. I can’t find it again, but I read it the other day.
I love Him so much.


4 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Laura Elizabeth says:

    Well, congratulations on your graduation! I really like your dress fabric, and I’m going to have to look that book up.


  2. James says:

    I think it’s been about a month since I’ve visited here (your blog, that is). The thing in this post that caught my eye was your description of the homeschool family you met, which you described as “not just any homeschoolers… they are so like-minded”. I feel deprived of being around like minded families. In fact, there are only two families I can say that about that I know: my Aunt, Uncle and cousins up in Seattle, and another family I met at the church I attended in California during my days at The Master’s College.
    The church I go to runs a Christian School, and as a result most of the kids at church share the culture of that school, which is all to often unbiblical and worldly. There are only a handful of families at my church that homeschool their kids; they’re all very nice Christian people, but they aren’t like-minded in the way that our family is, in terms of counter-cultural-ness (is that a word?); in fact they only homeschool because the Christian School is too expensive, and they know enough not to send their children to Caesar.
    All that to say, there’s a certain kind of encouragement that you can only get from like-minded people who are on the same page with you, and I don’t feel like I get it at church. The only families I know live out of state. It is sometimes very frustrating. When I meet a like-minded family, it’s like being let out of a cramped closet and breathing in fresh ocean air.
    There is so much that so few are like-minded on. Things like family, raising children, behavior standards, not accepting cultural norms without examining them in light of Scripture, dress and modesty, the meaning and implications of biblical femininity (without intrusion by a God-hating culture), courtship, music (that can be controversial!), the list goes on and on…
    I’m sorry. I’m rambling. I’ll stop here and post all this.


    • kyleian says:

      Maybe you were rambling a little… but DON’T STOP. I’ve felt completely alone like that – many times. But God is so amazing and He surprised us with 2 like-minded families since then. I’ve joked that the number of like-minded families has doubled since Cait’s graduation last year. It went from one to two.
      I know how you feel. It’s become easier here – people know what we think, and with those who are like-minded we have some really close fellowship. But the hardest part for me to swallow is when family doesn’t agree – or not just doesn’t agree, but is opposed to it. Or the people who just don’t get it- who agree in orthodoxy but not orthopraxy.
      But your are so right. Your analogy is spot-on – it is like breathing fresh ocean air. This family and ours, we don’t agree on absolutely everything. But we agree on the basis for our standards – scripture, and so most of our standards are the same.
      Those topics you mentioned… my, yes! That’s all I can really say – is just yes, yes, yes! I know exactly how you feel. We’ve been there, too.
      I am so thankful for the Internet and how that can be such a great source of encouragement – you, Laura Elizabeth, many of the people on my blogroll, and many, many more.
      And the many surprises He drops on us. I remember emailing a friend in the states (Simply Vintage Girl on my blog roll) almost in tears once – I was frustrated and feeling alone… but He has shown Himself so faithful. He would’ve even if He didn’t bring this family here. Before they moved here (that’s a bit of a long story of His providence!) God was teaching me to be content and joyful as life was… and to pour out encouragement to others who aren’t quite where we are yet.


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