Lessons from a Quilt Square: Shoo-Fly

Shoo-Fly: Over and Over again…

PhotobucketOver and over again
Throw that pattern in the bin…
Or just forget about impromptu poetry at the moment.

This is another one of those patterns that wasn’t originally in the plan (how much of life is like that? … but that’s a tangent…).
There’s two meanings for “over and over again.” One is how often the lessons God teaches us get repeated. I didn’t learn my lesson the first time about checking all of my patterns with scraps before I made a square with the actual fabric. You’d think I would have… but I didn’t. And another pattern was thrown out.
I looked through the C’s book and found Shoo-Fly. We thought it would look great paired near Ohio Star. So I went ahead and made it – 8 of them!


… which is the second over and over again.
The tedious work of the little things in life that still count.
I finished quilting the last one of these last night. What relief! I was tired of quilting them, tired of sewing them…
… and last night was also my last night this month of being on kitchen for chores. I’ve actually found that I love doing the dishes and organizing the dishwasher. What I don’t like is how as soon as I finish the dishes and pump water, someone baked something or made coffee so there’s more dishes and an empty water bottle to take care of.
… but if I didn’t do them we’d be eating off of dirty dishes.
The tedious is often necessary, and the little things all add up: I don’t like quilting 8 of the same square, I don’t like pumping water for 10 minutes straight… but when it results in a beautiful quilt or orderly kitchen, it’s worth it…

even over and over and over again…


PS (again) –  I’m done with school, and we’re all taking this week off to run wedding errands and bake a few more things for my graduation party (we have close to 300 cookies of various sorts in the freezer, and soon banana bread and carrot muffins). Friday after Church I rehearsed for the upcoming recital with Sarah, and we went to see Cait in Verdi’s Requiem – which was both stunning and chilling. Saturday we went down to Satwa – Cait had meetings with tailors, and I picked up some notions and thread for various skirts and dresses. Then mommy and daddy had a bunch of meetings. All of the kids were at our house, where we went swimming, then went to where the meetings were for dinner and watching a movie… and I now have only 2 1/4 more squares to quilt! Huzzah! And – we found out we’re going to be able to make it to the Enumclaw Highland Games this summer – and Wicked Tinkers is playing… and we’re going to the Pacific coast for a few days in August with mommy’s family!


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