Dear life…

Dear brain, please calm down at night so I can go to sleep like a normal person.
Dear stomach, please let me eat breakfast without feeling sick.
Dear Bethan, I love holding you. You’re my favorite baby. I love it when you lift your head to yawn and then drop sleepily back onto my shoulder.
Dear M’s, I’m so thankful God brought y’all here. I wish we had more time to talk. … and I think that even if your car has halloween colors, orange leathers seats sound amazing.
Dear Anna, I miss those crazy fun and good and uplifting times we had together last summer. I can’t wait to see you again. ❤
Dear JoAnn’s, can you please charge less for shipping yarn?
Dear self, must you be so stubborn in your sin?
Dear summer, please hurry, you’re going to be amazing.
Dear Hezekiah, I don’t know who you are yet, but I’m waiting and praying for you as I serve in our home and at Church. I love you. Thank you for waiting for me as God prepares me for the day we meet.
Dear Aunt Donna, when I wear that beautiful African apron someday, I’ll tell my children it came from a woman who was gentle, loving, godly, and an encouragement to all.
Dear fire tree, thanks for growing outside my window. You’re gorgeous.
Dear Sarah, you’re a wonderful accompanist – and you are the orchestra!
Dear Sunny, please stop opening doors, it’s a pain to lock them all the time.
Dear crane, please turn of your lights at night so I can sleep.
Dear friends, thank you for your generous graduation gifts. I love it when I have lots of money to buy books.
Dear Canon, can’t you please make a micro four thirds?
Dear Kelsea, you played beautifully at the recital. I love it when you make me laugh.
Dear piano arrangers, can you please take into account people with small hands?
Dear Mr. Jonathan, I love playing Mozart’s oboe concerto with you.
Dear Mikhal and Nico, thanks for protecting me at the beach the other night. Y’all are wonderful brothers.
Dear quilt, I’m so glad you’re done. I do miss working with you, though.
Dear God, Your faithfulness astounds me.


thanks to Cait and Autumn for the inspiration…


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