Lesson from a Quilt Square: Snail’s Trail


This is for all those days that feel so slow and you wish would just hurry on up and get over with.
This quilt square wasn’t exactly slow, I just wanted the quilt to be done. I loved working on it, but when you’re so close to the end, you just want to be done. I think this is the stage you have to be the most disciplined in – to stick it out and finish. I felt that so much in my last month of school, especially with French and Arabic, which are rather self-paced and self-regulated, so it’s very easy to slack off on them.
But I stuck it through… and my quilt is done and so is all of my schoolwork. And so is this blog post… though maybe I should’ve kept with it a little longer. 😉



2 thoughts on “Lesson from a Quilt Square: Snail’s Trail

  1. Dara says:

    heyy tis Dara from long ago AP times. we haven’t talked in ages, but i just wanted to say congrats on being graduated! :] two weeks and i’ll be done too…i’m definitely feeling the “just want to be done already”, but i guess i can be patient a bit longer.
    love you! :]


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