Growing Up

I feel like I turned around one day and suddenly everyone’s not so little anymore. Like the day I looked down the line at volleyball a few months ago and wondered when Mikhal got so tall, or why suddenly mommy wasn’t as far ahead of me as before. It still seems odd that Hope’s talking, Johnny Cowboy’s almost too big to hold, Cait’s getting married…
In some ways I like it – the changes of growing up seem soft and gentle and lovely. It’s beautiful, almost mysterious. It’s like dawn creeping in – not quite all the way there, between night and day, young and old. I feel hesitant to leave the old behind, but want to see what the new will bring.
But at the same time I want things to stay as they are.
God’s been teaching me about that. Every year something changes – here in Dubai more than anywhere. But I’m learning that life comes in seasons. I just finished a season – the season of my formal schooling – and there’s a fresh new season waiting for me.
I was worrying about not having time to do everything the other day – time as in days for short term things, and years for the long-term – and He reminded me about seasons.
There’s the season for living overseas, and a season for living in the states.
There’s a season for waiting, watching, and praying, and a season for going and doing.
There’s a season of hardship, and a season of relative ease.
There’s a season of welcoming, and a season of saying farewell.

Yet through it all is my greatest Comfort. God is the same. Always. The same love and grace and mercy that sent Christ to take the wrath of God is the same love and grace and mercy He pours out on me today. He was faithful all through scripture, He will be faithful today. I don’t know what “growing up” holds. I don’t know where I’ll be in 1, 2, 3… 5… 10… years. I wonder how many of the people who are so special to me now will be as special then.
But He will be. He’ll be even more special to me then than He is now.



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