Lessons From a Quilt Square: A Tale of the Sea


Once upon a time, there were four ships. Three of them sailed so fast that all of the pictures of them turned out blurry.


These ships had lots of sails to help them go fast.


Their sails were purple, and white and pink,


… and blue.

But the ships also had things to guide them: stars and compasses.


They had Ohio Stars, and ribbon stars. But there was only one compass. Still, they had flies (or at least things to shoo the flies, which implies that there are flies). And flies are a lot like fleas, and fleas always crawl north.


So even the ones without compasses could always tell which way they were going.

Two of the ships sailed North. The other two sailed South.

Soon they discovered it was a good thing that they had flies, stars, and the compass, because the waves suddenly surrounded them.


They seemed lost in a great wealth of fabric.


But they weren’t really, it just seemed like that.


They all got out fine in the end, even though it was hard – sometimes it was slow, sometimes it was dreary, sometimes they wanted to quit, sometimes it seemed like they’d never get out, sometimes everything changed, sometimes they did it wrong (again)… but they made it through.
PS – I leave tomorrow night for Csehy, and there will be a blogging break for at least while I’m there (3 weeks). See you all later!


2 thoughts on “Lessons From a Quilt Square: A Tale of the Sea

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve given you a very stylish award that you completely deserve. 🙂 See my blog.

    By the way, love the finished product. Your stamina is a God-given gift!


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