Csehy 2010 – Week 1

Csehy ain’t a perfect place.
It can’t be a perfect place, since it’s made up of people, all of whom are sinners.
Csehy ain’t a perfect place, but it is a blessed place, filled with love, fellowship, music, encouragement, and Christ.
In past years I’ve only gone for two weeks, but this year I went for three. It was three of the most trying yet most fruitful weeks I’ve ever been through. God taught me so much about myself, Himself, and others.

Because of flights, I had to arrive a day early – but I love getting there early. ūüôā The day before I left, we went to Church and then spent the afternoon at the Neals. We were up late playing Settlers before I left for the airport. The flight dragged by (I’ve learned not to expect anything else). After over 24 hours of traveling, I arrived at Houghton, where I unpacked a tiny bit and then ran down to play Frisbee – it was a nice, long, game, and we kept playing, even when it started to rain!
We went to dinner after we cleaned up, then put up signs and sorted linens.
In Church the next morning, Mr. Haynes spoke about trial and adversity and the strength we gain from it. We put up more signs, practiced, and then helped people move in.

I woke up at 4:30 for some reason. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so at 6 I got up and read my Bible, hoping to go to the music building at 7, but no one else was ready, so I looked over music at the dorm. In chapel Mr. Davis spoke about surrendering yourself to His will – I really needed that at that time…
Band went pretty well – Mr. Stith is so amazing.
After a composition meeting and choir, we had lunch. Then I wrote for a while. Frisbee was cancelled because of rain, so I played Dutch Blitz. In theory my mind became boggled talking about secondary dominants.
After dinner, more practice, and free time, we had devos – where we shared some about ourselves and then looked at some scriptures on friendship.

Tuesday was both wonderful and difficult. Rochelle and I went to the music building pretty early to compose before breakfast. Things are starting to come together in band. I wrote a bit more and then we had choir. After lunch I finished my comp. time and practiced oboe. Then we played Frisbee, where it got slightly hard. I didn’t touch the Frisbee the whole time, and I started realizing that some other people were having a hard time – and not just with Frisbee.
I almost lost it in theory… but came out on the bright side (For now) of the mysteries of secondary dominants.
I think I’d been tired of doing and just wanted to be. But I think focusing so hard in theory fixed that.
Angela hammed it up at our dinner table. I’ve told her multiple times I think I might die of laughter because of her.
After dinner we had a sectional, in which I fixed a bad key and we fixed a bunch of music. 
The best¬†part was after singtime, when we had a¬†smaller group time of sharing. It was a beautiful time of fellowship and prayer. We talked a lot about trust, submission, surrender, humility, getting through, not over, and why¬†the question shouldn’t be “Why did God let Mr. Hinkson die?” but “Why does He even choose to redeem me and give me life?”
I’m praying that God will help me use my time efficiently nad help me be with¬†and encourage who I’m supposed to encourage, not necessarily who I want to be with.

I got a fair amount of comp. done in the morning before breakfast. After breakfast was band, followed by my first composition lessson. IT went much better than I thought it would. Choir sounded like a Wednesday morning at Csehy. I wrote all through orchestra, then ran down for some good exercise in Frisbee!
¬†After theory and my shower I started feeling really tired again. Ministry teams prep gave me some strength… and then we sang “Be Still, My Soul,” in singtime. I don’t think I sang a word of it – I was reflecting on God’s faithfulness.
We had a girls swim night after.¬†A bunch of us went up on the track. I got frustrated working on theory, and then at Nancy’s suggestion wrote a haiku: “Composition rocks. But sometimes it is tedious. Stare at piano.”¬†
While we were waiting for others, I got a moment to talk to Teresa. My tiredness just spilled over with all of my frustration, but we both opened up and talked, and then prayed. And I melted before God once more.

Thursday¬†was long and hard, but necessary. My comp. in the morning didn’t go as fast as I would’ve liked, but I still managed to get a deadline met. Band got down to the nitty gritty and so did choir. Some of us got overwhelmed again, which added a bit¬†more stress to the day. To know you’re not the only one overwhelmed helps, but seeing others get overwhelmed only makes me more overwhelmed because then I want to help them get unoverwhelmed.
After lunch I wrote a while longer and then worked on reeds with MRs. Rawleigh. Then we went on ministry teams, and I learned how true it is that you can’t think about your burdens while serving others.
We had singtime in with the organ and sang the Hallelujah chorus.
Prayer is so¬†amazing… just thought I’d say. I prayed so much that Thursday, and God really worked.

Beautiful day: laughter, smiles, and singing. Mr. Stith conducting from the audience and in our midst. A blessed composition lesson. Frisbee: marvelous catches, people passing to everyone, a purple nose, a new nickname.
I hurt my nose trying to catch a knock in Frisbee – and now it’s nice and purple. But¬†then I cherry picked and caught a lot – my favorite thing to do. It made me happy to see everyone else so happy.
After free time we had our picnic and then dress rehearsal, which included many funny pranks. This was followed by a tremendously funny skit night and a very late bed time.

… was another long day. We had field day in the morning, which felt like lots of “chasing after the wind.” But the water balloon fight was lots of fun, even if David Shewan smacked one in my face. After lunch we finished cleaning our room, and then I went to the music building to compose a bit before escorting started. The concert was pretty fantastic, but saying farewells was horrible.
Then before dinner came a struggle with my pride. Some plans changed… and I ended up in band for another week. I’d never been in orchestra before, and each year it felt like I’d worked so hard over the year but still just wasn’t good enough. … it’s like Amos talked about at our Bible study: if we pray for humility, He’ll send us situations that put us lower, to teach us humility, instead of just giving it to us. But I need to remember that humility is thinking about others, not self.
Carolyn and I were up late talking about struggles with sin and how much we hate it.
Regardless of all of those tears and heartache, the bonfire was good and encouraging.

Thus ends the first week. Second week summary to come… when I have time. ūüėČ Right now we’re at gramma’s house, and there’s been lots of running, Frisbee, music, baking, cousins, Street Fairs, thrifting… but little time for emailing or blogging.
More later.



One thought on “Csehy 2010 – Week 1

  1. Sarah Carter says:

    Reading this brought back all the memories of that sweet sweet first week. Especially that Bible study after Sing Time. To think I’d almost forgotten about that..
    God is soooo good.
    I love you.


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