Csehy 2010: Week 2

Guess what? I have time to write up week 2 today! 🙂
He’s been showing me that I’ve been placing my trust and joy in things other than Himself… like people, who let you down, or things like finding my value in playing in orchestra rather than band. He crushed all that and now I must go to Him.
Sunday was full of blessing. We had very little to do, so we talked a LOT. After breakfast I talked to Angela… until we got kicked out of the dining room… we talked about college, siblings, missions, future dreams… our beautiful Savior. Then I wrote for a bit, until Church I walked to the dorm with Teresa. We talked about His faithfulness and perfectionism and holiness.
Some of us did our laundry and then ran up to lunch, where we discussed the Civil War (and Civil War movies), why we need a revolution today, books, and marriage. The conversation about marriage ended with a very funny statement from one of the guys: “That would be like me dating a two year old!” It made sense in context, but still made us laugh every time one of us said it after that.
After dinner, a very bored Sarah C and I walked around the music building stalking and meeting people. I ended up talking with Kaylin and Jonathan for a while.
After introductions in singtime, Mr. Haynes spoke about how changing our little bits of America for Christ will eventually impact the whole country.
But, while I was talking to Kaylin and Jonathan, Mrs. Rawleigh walked by, and we talked for a bit about the coming week and I was able to be completely honest with her about where my heart was in my struggle with humility. That conversation showed me how perfect God’s plan is.

Nothing too exciting happened. Mr. Pinkham talked in chapel about how our view of parents affects our view of God. We’re playing some neat pieces in band, and choir isn’t super hard this week. My  composition lesson went well – I’m officially done writing., and began inputting info into the computer. We played a long and hot game of Frisbee, followed by a cold shower and a braid line in Angela’s room. In theory we began analyzing a fuge. After dinner, I put more of my composition into the computer and listened to Courtney play piano.
Singtime flew by – they seriously need to lengthen it. Anna taught me how to French braid and we talked about doctors, microwaves, and vaccines for a while. In devos we talked about loving people who aren’t easy to love,  and not prejudging people.

I entered a lot of comp. into the computer. Band went really well. I ate lunch with Mr. Haynes and the Pinkhams, which meant lots of teasing, lots of jokes, and lots of conversation. During orchestra time, I finished up some comp. work and practiced oboe. Caroline, Carolyn H., Dan,  David Shewan, Kaylin, and I went down to the Frisbee field during free time. We played catch for a bit and then ran. During sectionals, Mrs. Larter was having an intro to the organ class, which lots of us went to… I played some on it, which was a blast! Singtime flew by. Amos shared about how while Csehy seems like home, it isn’t people, music, or Frisbee that draws us together, but Christ. On the way back to the dorm, I sang the melody for “No Not One” while he harmonized – it sounded really neat. Then I played catch for a while, and Alex helped me with my throws. Carolyn and I were up late talking about Psalms and choosing a passage to read the next night.

Good rehearsals… I listened to my piece (played by Finale) for the first time today. I had an oboe lesson after lunch – we did some really wacko things, like playing music backwards, but it was really beneficial. I played a long, hard game of Frisbee during free time, then Alex helped me with my throws some more. He is so patient…  In theory we listneed to some of our pieces. After dinner was ministry teams rehearsal and singtime. Before ministry teams, I got to play Alex’s bass, which was tons of fun. They were teasing me constantly about my height and size in comparison to the bass, but I was having too much fun to care…
During Girl’s swim night I didn’t do a whole lot, but on the way back I talked to Teresa, mostly about prayer. Then Carolyn and I were up late pondering the beauties and promises of Ephesians 1.

Lots of fruitful rehearsals. I played duets with Mrs. Rawleigh before ministry teams. Mrs. Larter brought moonpies for evferyone in theory class. After dinner I played on Henry’s cello and practiced oboe. Singtime was followed by a counselor recital – during which I almost fell asleep because I was so tired I couldn’t hold my head up and so almost fell asleep on Angela’s shoulder, even though the music was so beautiful… soothingly beautiful. 🙂
Finding time to pray at Csehy is hard… even though there’s so mcuh need for prayer here.

Mr. Pinkham spoke about feeling deserted in chapel this morning. What a great reminder that He remains faithful even when we neglect Him.  We finished band 20 minutes early, and I talked to Anna and David about playing my piece for the comp. recital. After lunch it started to pour rain. I got a bit wet on the way to the music building, then practiced oboe at the highest point I could, by a window with rain pouring down it, and in a stairwell – amazing acousitcs.
Then I began a new composition – for cello, violin, and bass. During free time we walked in pouring rain and played Ticket to Ride.
After dinner we had dress rehearsal. Then we had a pizza party…
It seemed like all stress had been lifted since I started drawing nearer to Him.

The second week at Csehy is over. Saturday morning we went to Letchworth state park – a place full of rivers, waterfalls, natural beauty… and epic movie material. I enjoyed climbing all around it and marvelling at God’s creation. We came back, cleaned, and got ready for the concert.
The concert wasn’t perfect, but it was one of the most God-glorifying concerts I’ve ever been a part of or seen. Goodbyes were hard.
Then came bonfire – a time reflecting on God working in us, trusting Him, being a sweet aroma and sound, love as a choice, the  the gospel… it seemed like the sharing would never end, but eventually it had to.

Thus ended the second week… third week post is on its way.


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