Csehy 2010: Week 3

Lo and behold! After a month of no posting, here’s 3 posts in one day1 🙂
We went to Mr. Stith’s Church for ministry teams. I played a duet with Justin for prelude, and there were a few more duets. We sang for offeratory and had a small ensemble accompanying the hymns. The pastor preached on Psalm 139. We talked to some people for a little while, then played Ninja while waiting for our rides.
After lunch we were allowed to watch the world cup. I was in and out – greeting people, showing them around, playing games, and writing music. After dinner we waited and looked for Mrs. Rawleigh, then hung out in Mr. Rawleigh’s office talking and taking apart my oboe. After introductory singtime, we had get-to-know you games, followed by the clearest, most Christ-centered, God-glorifying purple talk I’d ever heard.
Lauren challenged us to pick one attribute of God and meditate on it this week – I chose His omniscience.

I felt burdened again on Monday. After chapel – where we were challenged to truly respect – I wrote for a while and then had my comp. lesson, which was one of the most stressful 20 minutes of my life. My file wouldn’t work and various things we tried wouldn’t work… finally it worked and we printed it.
In choir, Mr. Harding called on the men to be leading the choir in every way. Way to go, Mr. Harding!
After lunch we had orchestra, which wasn’t super hard, and lots of fun – “I have the stick, I can do whatever I want!” (Mrs. Rawleigh).
After Frisbee was theory, where we went over rehearsal details and began analzyzing sonata form. After dinner I practiced and had a rehearsal for comp.
… then various news and other things started falling down onto me and I ended up in tears after singtime. We looked at Psalm 118 in devos which only strengthened my need and desire for more prayer. “Out of my distress I called on the Lord… and He set me free.”
I need so much time to pray.

… was hectic. Lines were long at all meals because of another camp, so I barely had time to eat. Right after chapel, I had an oboe lesson with Mrs. Harding – we focused on the first 6 measures of Mozart’s oboe concerto. From there I ran to my first piano lesson ever. Lauren and I talked about sightreading, accompanying, improv., weight and stiffness, phrasing… it was so much fun and I learned so much.
I wrote for a while after that… then was choir. I love the way Mr. Harding draws the music out of us – helping us focus on the words and get the mood of the music to help us sing it better.  THe language of music is astounding – the way it speaks to us, glorifies God… it’s so neat how all the little markings and scribbles come together into beauty.
Orchestra was long and not super exciting. Because of rain, there was no Frisbee, so I changed for dinner and played Blitz in the student center, and talked with Amos and Teresa. Then I went to the music building and played pennywhistle till theory.
My stomach hurt – I’d never laughed so hard in theory or at dinner. I practiced and held a rehearsal for my piece during sectionals.
While I watched the rain fall in the afternoon, I thought about how I love making word and music pictures from the things I feel and see.
I sat with Jonathan and Anna during singtime. He and I spent a lot of time reminiscing today… his faith is such a great testimony, challenge, and encouragement to me. After singtime, we had a play-through of Michael C’s orchestrated battle soundtrack. Then I played Alex’s bass more and listened to him play.
In devos we talked about idolatry. Then Katherine and I were up really late talking about music, baptism, teaching, guarding the tongue…

Wednesday … was very relaxed.
We talked about writing accompaniment in my last comp. lesson. Choir was intense. During free time we recorded Michale’s piece, then ran down to play Frisbee. We played 6 on 6, and it was the most involved, fun game I’ve ever played. … but I was so tired I almost fell asleep during theory. After dinner I practiced choir music and learned how to play handbells, then ran another comp. rehearsal. In singtime we sang lots of beautiful hymns. During swim night, Nancy, Rochelle,a nd I powwowed about theory homework, then Rochelle and I talked about Job and Jeremiah and talked a lot about God and scripture. THen was serenading, during which I stood near Angela and we had some dark pink and planned parties for when we’re both faculty.

… was filled with lots of tears and lots of laughter. Mr. Pinkham spoke in the morning about being dedicated to serve God. Everyone was extremely tired. The tenors became very brave and manly in choir and got very loud and sang some amazing lines. I was so proud of them. After lunch – where Amos and I took a vow of silence for 20  minutes – was orchestra and then ministry teams. We sang “Be Still, My SOul” on ministry teams. That hymn is so laden with memories – I haven’t sung it once without crying – especially now, since I’ve connected the last verse to Mr. Hinkson. I had an oboe lesson with Mrs. Harding and then a practice in the recital hall – the horn sounds so much fuller in the recital hall. Thoery was pretty laid back and full of laughs – Justin and Tim hamming it up, as usual.
Singtime was short, but we sang lots of good ones – like the Hallelujah Chorus. I sat by Sarah H and was saving a seat for Angela, but she didn’t make it to singtime, so Amos joined us (cuz he was late)… we were laughing cuz I’m alto almost tenor, but he’s tenor almost alto – so we kept getting our lines mixed up.
Then came the memorial for Mr. Hinkson. I started crying even before it started. I sat with Sarah T, Rochelle, and Teresa… it was a really hard, but very beautiful time. Mr. Rawleigh spoke about – maong other things – how death is always a hurt and shock to us because it isn’t natural, but a result of the fall. There was lots of low brass and handbells. We sang his favorite hymns, and there were pictures, and memories, and stories about how Mr. Hinkson served God. Mr. Haynes has said many times that when you’re part of a family, there’s times of great sorrow and times of great joy. Now is a time of great sorrow, but it’s building us up and drawing us closer.

As usual, mornings weren’t super eventful. I worked on the Aggadah in practice time, then rode with Alex and others in the Housworth van to the Academy, where we ran practices that day. Choir was intense, but necessary. I sat with Angela at lunch. We hammed it up for a while, then talked more about prayer, Hong Kong, family, God’s faithfulness… I love her so much. I rode with Mrs. Rawleigh back to the academy for orchestra, then walked back. The composition recital was during free time, and it went beautifully. I was really pleased with the performance of my piece and so thankful to Anna and David for playing it. Then was the picnic – I sat with Sarah T, Naomi, and JoAnn, then played Frisbee catch for a bit before walking to the academy for dress rehearsal. When we got back to the dorm it was time for bonfire. Lots was shared about trust and surrender. Mr. Pinkham challenged us to not let Csehy be a mountain top, but a valley in comparison to how much we grow in the year.
Katherine and I were up late once more, mostly talking about baptism and Church membership.

… was another long day.
After breakfast was the student recital, which was fabulous. Then was awards – I was so happy for everyone. At lunch I sat with Angela again, and we laughed a lot, making jokes about fake food.
I packed more and cleaned, then went to the music building to check out. We had a hair party and walked to the academy for escorting and the concert. The concert went well, but it was sad – it was dedicated to Mr. Hinkson, so multiple times I wanted to cry. Then after I had to say many farewells. I didn’t cry till I said goodbye to Mrs. Rawleigh, and then I felt inconsolable. I walked back with Teresa and we had a long talk.
After dinner we changed and went to the student center. I played guiar with Amos for a while, then played barefoot Frisbee, then talked and danced with Sarah T. We lay under the stars for a while and talked a bout a lot.

Sunday morning I hung out with Ministry Teams people and then ran up to breakfast to eat and say farewells… then I had to begin my journey home…
Each week had its own unique struggles. Yet each week, He proved faithful.
I grew so much emotionally, relationally, musically, and spiritually in just three weeks. The main things He taught me…
– That every note – not just every performance, but every note – MUST be surrendered to Christ if it’s going to come to anything.
– That He doesn’t require my “Good enough” – even in music – but takes me the way I am and sanctifies me, and sees Christ’s righteousness in me.
– That booklearning is wearisome and fearing God is what really matters.
– That a compassionate heart is nothing to be ashamed of.
– That if I wait for Him and obey, He will do great things through me.
– That my trust and hope must be in Him, and not people.

Words and even pictures don’t do Csehy justice. But I think people’s changed lives do. Even just changes in little ways, maybe ways that aren’t seen. There’s a lot I can’t say – to protect myself and others. But God worked so much at Csehy – far beyond I would’ve even dreamed of asking Him to do. Yes, it really, really hurt at times. But sanctification and being stretched always will.
In three words, Csehy this year was: Necessary, burdened, but blessed.  Blessed beyond imagining.



5 thoughts on “Csehy 2010: Week 3

  1. Michael Z. says:

    These posts are such an encouragement to me. It is so amazing how God uses the same situations that we were in for different purposes in our lives. I must agree that Mr. Harding brought up a good point for the guys to step up. So many guys feel insecure in choir (including myself), but we should actually lead. I also agree that the lyrics of the song were overwhelmingly powerful. All of the songs had something to say about God, and I still repeat those words in my head (a close family friend died 2 days ago… first thing I did was looked up “In Remembrance”). God is good! Hope to see you next year!



  2. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for posting these!! It brings back so many wonderful memories. I thank God everyday for the technology he gave us so that we can share our memories and keep in touch.
    I’m praying for you!

    P.s. I’ll reply to your email once I get home and have access to a real computer. I’m on an iPod touch right now and they are a pain to type on!


  3. asongofjoy says:

    Kyleigh! I love your blog! (this is Carolyn btw, if they didn’t mention. I may be listed as my blog username) It’s such an encouragement to me and I love to read it!
    Thanks a bunch!
    I still miss my roommate! 😦


  4. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I liked your posts, Kyleigh 🙂 Csehy sounds like a fun place, but, unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to go there, or any way to get money as of yet. I might have mentioned that my sister and I are learning to play the violin, but we have to teach ourselves since there is no one close enough to give lessons. We have met two people who play it, and they gave us some tips and advice, so that was nice. But it would really be great if we could go to a place like that.


  5. Sarah Tse says:

    Dearest Kyleigh,
    Praise the Lord! What encouragements ! Though God speaks in various parts throughout the whole journal, I must say that what touches me the most is to play every note for Jesus. As musicians, that should be the ultimate goal we aim to strike for. “Amen!” to all the precious lessons you have learned at Csehy, and “Hallelujah!” to all the great blessings God has poured out upon you. I can’t wait to hear more from you!

    In our loving Redeemer,

    P.S.: I hope you will be blessed by this as I was! “He took our suffering on him and carried our diseases.” (Matthew 8:17)


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