I find it hard after Csehy to sit still. Well, I find it hard to sit still any time. But after weeks of having a schedule with every hour filled to the brim, having time to do nothing makes me want to go crazy.
But God’s been teaching me to be still. And to rest, and gather strength from not being so busy.
… though I’ve still been pretty busy. In just a few words:
Sleepover with cousin Hannah
Thrifting x4
A new camera
Fresh air
Frisbee and accents with Nate
Graduation announcements
Street Fair
Long emails and letters to dear friends
Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter
Baseball with grampa
Stories in my head
Practicing oboe outside
Composing “12 Variations on 4 O’Clock.”
Feeling unworthy of His love
Making souffle
Misty mornings
Preparations to get my oboe regulated
New music
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
working on a surprise
Altering a thrift store find: a civil war dress that was only $12! (It’s incredible – it’s old, though we don’t know how old, and made out of taffeta).
The smell of freshly cut hay
Talking with Nate about everything
Laughing (though not as much as at Csehy!)
Highland games: Bagpipes in the background of everything, little girls in long dresses dancing the highland fling, men in kilts, Scottish country dancing – barefoot!, talking to Civil War reenactors representing the Irish and Scottish brigades… listening to balladeers and some lively Celtic music!
Celebrating Cait’s birthday with Joel’s family at Olive Garden
Getting excited talking theory again
Driving 2 hours with mommy to get my oboe regulated- it feels like a new oboe now!
Daddy coming relatively soon
Going to spend two days at my aunt’s house helping with her family.

… so I’m still very busy. 🙂
And the internet here isn’t always the greatest… so I’m going on an unofficial blogging break. I may or may not be back for a while – it may be after we arrive home, it may be after the wedding… it may be tomorrow. 😉 I don’t really know. We shall see!
Until then, and always – Bail o Dia ort!


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