Why I Journal

It was early Saturday morning, the second week of Csehy. My dear roommate Carolyn and I got up early to beat the laundry rush. We brought our Bibles and a notebook or two down with us, to read, study, and pray while we waited for our laundry to be done. She had to go upstairs, but I seated myself on a dryer and pulled out my journal. I was scribbling away when I heard footsteps and Amos entered to get his laundry.
“That a journal?” He asked.
“Yes.” I said. Then added, “I started a few months ago as a way of remembering God’s faithfulness.”
“Oh, so not ‘today I… played Frisbee and did this and that…'”
I realized in that moment that that’s what a lot of people think journaling is – scribbling down what you did that day for the sake of remembering it… just ‘cuz. I don’t want to be viewed as someone who journals that way, either – you know, the stereotypical teenage girl who writes down all manner of trivial things. I don’t journal like that. There are some seasons when I’ll journal every single day. Other times, I’ll go almost a month without writing anything. Yes, I do write down things I did, memories, silly things people said… but the bulk of it is chronicling what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others. That’s what’s going to last.

So that’s what I do. Now, here’s why. Already in the past few months I’ve seen how beautiful it is to have pages and pages of writing to look back on – writing that proves that God keeps His promises. Stories of His provision, His blessings, His strength, even His rod. It’s encouragement for me. I also journal to provide for future generations what I haven’t had much of: records of what life was like for me and, Lord willing, a godly heritage. I am so thankful for the legacy of my parents and other Christian family members, and the family history we DO know and are finding more about – but I would love to leave much more to my children and grandchildren!

We were in Michigan last week, and that gave me another chance to reflect on God’s faithfulness and provision. When we left Michigan for Dubai, I was excited to go, but leaving really hurt in many ways. Yet now I see that if we hadn’t moved, many of the incredible things God did wouldn’t have happened. Now I’m looking forward to another season. But there’s so much in the air still. I like to plan. I find myself planning my life frequently – though lately I’ve stopped myself because my planning has only caused me pain before, when God shows me that my plan isn’t what’s going to happen. I would like to know if/when I’ll get married. I would like to know where I’ll live. I would like to know if/when I’ll be at Csehy next year – or for however many years. But I don’t know these things. And I didn’t know when we moved to Dubai that I would find out about Csehy, that I would grow in my faith so much, and that God would reform our family… so I wonder what else is in store now. I’m excited to find out what He’s going to do with me. Whatever it is, it’s going to be for His kingdom, my sanctification, and His glory. I’ll be sure to journal about it.

– Kyleigh


3 thoughts on “Why I Journal

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve been journaling steadily for about eight/nine years, and for the same reasons you do. It is such a blessing and encouragement to go back and see how much the Lord has done. It would be so easy to forget or not notice if I hadn’t recorded it.


  2. Sara says:

    I clicked on the lick that you put on facebook for simplyvintagegirl(which looks very fun)and ended up here! I read your entry on journaling. It is wonderful that God has brought you to a place of recognizing His strength, His rod, His help in your life.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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