Last Days

We leave for home tomorrow morning. I’m so excited to be going home after 2 long months away. However, the 24 hour journey is not so appetizing.
I still really only have time to blog words. I kind of like just blogging words. I guess I always blog words… but I mean words that aren’t in sentences.
Words of our last days in the states:
Michigan: Business, fellowship, Ecclesiastes 7:10, dancing the Virginia Reel barefoot at dusk with a baby on my hip, fresh tomatoes, old friends, memories, walking, sleepovers, wedding showers, a big van, fun times at the lake.
Beach: food, family, laughter, wind, sand castles, kites, pictures, waves, biking, football, celebrations.
Driving: Jonathan Park, a sermon called “Identity Theft,” family worship on-the-go, snacks, stops at logging towns and the rainforest.
Beach II: cards, big dogs, driftwood, seaweed, dirty boots, cinnamon rolls, chess.
‘Home’ again: packing, errands, mini-Thanksgiving, farewells, running, praying, calling Angela and Sarah, writing a new story, another beautiful wedding shower, baseball, Frisbee, washing cars, cleaning, oboe practice…

Home will feel so good, with my own bed, my own hymnal, my own desk… I have lots of pictures and a few videos to sort through, and lots of craft stuff and other work for Cait and Joel’s wedding. I still have sermons from the Sufficiency of Scripture conference to listen to, and I hope to get some scheduling for the coming year done and some ‘stricter’ guidelines for piano teaching.
As soon as I can, I’ll get pictures up. 🙂

Trust is still (always?) hard. But thank you to all of you out there who are praying. It gives me great strength. And knowing of the Spirit’s intercession is even greater strength.

❤ a very homesick, but almost homeward bound, Kyleigh


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