Csehy 2010: Photos and Memories

{I didn’t have my camera at Csehy, so all of these photos come from other people. There’s just a couple photos, there are more on the Csehy website and at a link below. Each night at Csehy I’d scribble down a few words about the day before and then use them to journal the next day. A lot of these memories come from those few words}


band with Mr. Stith

Lunch with Angela multiple times: laughter, food jokes, dead serious, Christ-Exalting fellowship
Laughing till my sides hurt – especially with Angela and in theory class
Attempting to dance with Sarah Tse (and the many, many other things I did with Sarah – talking under the stars, crying, sharing scripture…)
Taking a vow of silence over lunch with Amos
Jonathan Holland claiming the descant of a hymn during sing time


some of my favorite people on skit night

Getting whacked in the face with a Frisbee, and the epic Frisbee game that followed, and the other epic Frisbee game about 2 weeks later.
Nancy trying to hit the high A the sopranos had to hit (and then blamed it on me…)
Devos the night we looked at qualities of a righteous man/woman
Playing Alex’s bass
Orchestra with Mrs. Rawleigh. ‘Nuff said.


Composition class, week 3

Lessons with Mrs. Rawleigh – so incredibly funny, so incredibly serious, so incredibly good, so incredibly edifying and encouraging and Christ-exalting
Making fake food jokes with Angela and whoever else dared to join in
Playing Michael Caprera’s Battle Part 2
Walking to and fro with Teresa, deep in fellowship, prayer, and conversation.
Hearing my composition played in the recital hall for the first time


dearest Angela

Having ‘bodyguards’ – Mark Holland and Michael Caprera
Being in band with Courtney – two oboists with lots of flute-y parts and even more rests = trouble.
Band with Mr. Stith – his gentle conducting and encouragement
My first oboe solo at Csehy – in Africa!
The great number of times we sang “Be Still, My Soul.”
An organ lesson
Hallelujah Chorus – accompanied by the organ


my piece being performed at the Student Composer's Recital

My first piano lesson ever – and that with one of the most amazing people ever – I love you, Lauren! 🙂
Getting “dad-hugs” from Mr. Haynes
Putting up signs with Amos, Abel, Sarah, Jonathan, Teresa, and Nicole. “Amos, that doesn’t look nice. It’s sloppy.” “No, it’s artistic!” … “Csehy *sign pointing into the woods* Yeah, it’s in the woods this year. We’ll be banging on trees.”
Singing most of my favorite hymns
Being late to singtime because of a lesson (it’s an annual adventure)


orchestra, 3rd week

Learning to French braid
Getting up early to go to the music building with Rochelle and/or Kaylin
Burdens and yet laughter – especially at meals and in theory class.
Helping Mrs. Rawleigh prepare for ministry teams, playing duets with her, working on reeds with her… anything with Mrs. Rawleigh.


Frisbee (in the rain, the day I arrived!)

Discussions about the Civil War.
Being ‘bored’ with Sarah Carter
Playing prelude at the Church for ministry teams
Purple jokes



Being soundtrack geek-y with fellow soundtrack geeks
Frisbee in a skirt
Mr. Pinkham teasing me that I had ice cream under my salad
Singing “No Not One” with Amos
“This is a purple couch.”
Turning pages for Gretchen at the nursing home


Sarah, Teresa, and I

Mrs. Larter bringing moonpies to theory class
Staying up late with Carolyn and Katherine
Working on my Frisbee throws with Alex
“I’d rather get natural skin cancer.” – Angela
Almost falling asleep during the Counselor Recital – such beautiful music, but it was mostly relaxing…
Practicing oboe in a stairwell with a huge window with rain pouring down outside

… and so many more.

PS – you can view all of the photos I saved of Csehy here.


One thought on “Csehy 2010: Photos and Memories

  1. kyleian says:

    … and some memories I forgot:
    Purple jokes
    Singing “Give to the Lord” for offertory.
    Getting smashed in the face with a water balloon by David Shewan


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