Michigan Days

These days were filled with seeing old friends, memories, and fellowship. I learned more about seasons, and how even friendships come in seasons. Sometimes, hard as it is, it’s time to move on from some friendships… and I realized why seasons are so important – because the things we think we need are actually slowing our growth, and if we let them go, then we’ll grow even more because of the greater things He has in store for us.
Here are some pictures of our time in Michigan:

From Michigan

Cait and Fezzik, one of the Cherry’s cats. He lets you do anything with him.

From Michigan

Our old house. We were able to stay there, which was wonderful but strange at the same time.

From Michigan

Seeing Miss Karen, our ballet teacher

From Michigan

On the way to the lake to spend the day with dear friends

From Michigan

Family worship on the go…

From Michigan

S’mores! (and sweet Christopher!)

From Michigan

A sleepover with homeschool friends

From Michigan

My brother and friends talking at a homeschool gathering. I think all of those boys are taller than me now. I remember when they were wee things

From Michigan

Dads talking at the homeschool gathering

From Michigan

Another open house. This was the only way we could see most of the people we wanted to see in a week!

From Michigan

Don’t worry, they’re ok. – Candace and Faith, friends from the time they were babies. This was after Church.

From Michigan

A wedding shower for Cait

From Michigan

Anna. ❤ A blessed 24 hours of fellowship, games, laughter, movie-making, dancing… too short.

From Michigan

This was a beautiful summer evening… made all the more beautiful by dancing the Virginia Reel at dusk, barefoot, with a baby on your hip.

From Michigan

Apples to apples until very late (early).

From Michigan

This was the precious baby… though she isn’t so much a baby anymore.

It was such a long and busy week, but very encouraging and we got to see lots of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. Sometimes you only realize how much you miss some people after you see them again after a long time and see how much they’ve grown up, or how deep your fellowship was.


PS – I did switch to picasa. It’s working beautifully, but I’m still working out some little details.


2 thoughts on “Michigan Days

    • kyleian says:

      I have about 5 more, if you want me to email them to you. I had so much fun taking pictures of her, and getting to meet her. But seeing you was better. 😉 I can’t get the movie to work for editing; it’s not the right kind of file to put together. 😦 … but maybe in the end that’s a good thing.


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