Summer in Washington

… is beautifully splendid.

My camera came my second day back after Csehy.

We went to a farm to harvest some lavender, and took lots of pictures of beautiful flowers.

We went thrifting with Hannah. She wanted us all to get matching red blazers… but we just took a picture.

The next morning we went to the street fair a thrift store in town. I found an old dress at the thrift store and Hannah proved herself to be the queen of getting free stuff.

We went to the highland games:

Heard lots of music

Talked with some Civil War reenactors.

… and did not get beaten, chopped, and made into haggis.

We celebrated Cait’s birthday with Joel’s family

Went running on misty mornings

I stayed at the Elwells to help Aunt Kathryn for a few days

Goofed off with cousins.

Colored all over gramma’s old counters with Sharpies

… then we went to the beach

From Seabrook and Nellie’s

The house across the road from ours, which was my favorite.

From Seabrook and Nellie’s

Part of “our” house

From Seabrook and Nellie’s

Daddy found a sea cucumber or something and was using it as a whip

Gulls everywhere

This kitchen was amazing – 3 1/2 ovens, 2 coffee pots, 2 dishwashers, 2 blenders… lots of gadgets.

Of course I brought my cloak…

We straightened my hair

And ate lots of food

And built sandcastles

And celebrated birthdays

Hannah and I went down to the beach one morning, just us two, to talk, walk, and take pictures.

We stopped at the rainforest on the way to Miss Nellie’s.

It was really beautiful, and Nate especially enjoyed it – he wants to be a lumberjack.

At Miss Nellie’s.

Denim – loyal dog.

Back in Enumclaw we went flying with daddy

All of us kids got to fly some!

… then packed up and went home.

– Kyleigh

You can see the whole albums here and here.

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