Most of September was full of wedding prep:

The dining room table was covered with craft supplies unless we needed to use it to eat. By the end of the first 2 1/2 weeks, we’d put ribbon on 207 jars, made about 300 favors, made a bunch of ‘puff balls’ and put them on the garland… then we went on strike. Piles of boxes to take to a friend’s…

Jars with ribbon on them, centerpieces for the tables.

Arielle with half of the garland…

I started piano tuning… and broke a string:
Stagger pins, hitch pins, and bridge

Taking pictures during a break.

2 hours later, it was all done and back together, much to my relief!

We got to go on another aircraft carrier

Sarah’s 16th birthday party at Shakespeare and Co.

A date with Cait…

… more crafting!


Dinner at the Roadster Diner at Dubai Mall, followed by the dancing fountains.

Under the Burj

The fountain.

Atop the Burj…

Stripping lavender…

Out to the desert…

The next day we went to Musandam with Uncle Mike – sea air, sunshine, dolphins, relaxation.
(Oh, Musandam is a region near the tip of the UAE, that’s actually part of Oman. From one point there, you can take a dhow – these fishing boats – cruise, which is what we did!)

Back from Musandam – clothes drying…

Things learned…
– working with Arielle and Jamaila is a lot more enjoyable than working by yourself, but it doesn’t necessarily go three times faster because we’re laughing so much and relaxing more.
– Date syrup is a good honey substitute… except in filling for cinnamon swirl bread.
– staying up later won’t get more done, just get you sick
– … but choosing to stay up with Arielle instead of going off on your own can result in much scheming and resulting pranks at a wedding rehearsal.
– Never order bright green felt unless you’re sure you want it (it will be used in a prank).
– Quoting The Princess Bride can also lead to good pranks.
– “Kiss” has synonyms.
– I’m not as innocent as I seem.
– Just because you anticipate a flood of emotions after your sister’s wedding doesn’t mean those emotions will come. It may mean you feel drained for days afterwards.
– God is faithful. Always.
– I don’t deserve friends such as I have.
– Only God can satisfy.
– Sugar makes me jittery.
– I can wear Nate’s tailored suit jacket. 🙂
-Watching the Glasgow Worlds 2005 with Joel, Cait, Arielle, and Candace is relaxing.
– But dancing with Faith after a wedding is NOT relaxing, but dizzying.
– Do not wear flipflops to the desert in September. Your feet will get burned.

I don’t know when I’ll have any pictures up from the wedding. Soon maybe from Church the day before and rehearsal… I’d love to make it so you can see the official ones, that’s why I’m waiting.



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