Pre-Wedding Days…

Wednesday night:

Candace made dessert:

Opening wedding gifts:

(They even BLINK at the same time!)

Church Friday morning:

Arielle, Jamaila and I went and got our nails done, then ran errands and got to the Church early for rehearsal.

Green felt. My post on September explains this…

Jess (Joel’s brother), Joel’s mom, and grandma.

The 4 older bridesmaids.

Prank number two: “Mawage!”

And when he said that the next day, this would be the point where he would say, “You may now kiss the bride,” Cait handed Joel a massive Hershey’s Kiss. 😀

Wedding prep, day of:

This is one of those amazing women I’m so privileged to know and so grateful to learn from – not just with wedding prep, but with all of life.
I helped hang fabric and set tables, then went downstairs to eat lunch and get ready… the ‘dressing room’ was a buzz of activity – eating, doing hair, putting on make-up, getting in dresses, taking pictures.


I WILL have pictures of the wedding up by the FIC conference at the end of October, but they may not be the official ones!


8 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Days…

  1. Ashlee says:

    Kyleigh, I don’t know why, but the pictures aren’t showing up on my computer. It may just be my connection, so I’ll have to try again later.

    Blessings to you,


  2. Sarah in MS says:

    Hi Kyleigh,

    My sis and I found your blog through Cait’s who we found through Jasmine Baucham’s. 🙂 I can’t see most of the pictures, either. When I click on the blank space where the photo should be (you can actually click on it) a link comes up and it says, “Oops… there’s nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don’t exist at this web address. Please contact the owner directly to gain access.”

    In Christ,
    Sarah in MS 🙂


    • kyleian says:

      Ashlee and Sarah, thanks for pointing that out!
      I re-arranged some photos on the photo site and didn’t realize it would make the photos not show up. I’ll have it fixed as soon as I can!



    • kyleian says:

      GFBC is having a conference – the Church and Family Reformation Conference, Semper Reformanda. Cait went last year with the Neals, and the rest of us are going this year. In our house it’s just referred to as “the FIC Conference” or “Houston.”


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